Relaxation particular


Remember that moment in life that you tried good about yourself and particularly relaxed. Back with your mind at that moment and if there have been more moments just no matter which one you choose and when you choose it, you have to immerse within this memory and you have to imagine reliving it now.


Where you lived: on vacation at sea, in the mountains or just at your house through your things;
When you’ve lived: this summer, some years ago, or when you were a teenager.

Now close your eyes to feel better then when you were relaxed and warn today that sound alerts when you were relaxed and feel a sense of relaxation that slowly spreads throughout your body.
Pay attention now to your breathing air in and out, in and out, in and out, and every time he enters you relax more and more before relaxing even more every time out and relax while you keep count of six to one and you relax more and faster six) – five) -four) -three) relaxed more and more down deep with your relaxation, two) let go! ; One) while you relax and want to feel that feeling of relaxation within your body, so good! and the bigger this feeling more relaxed you feel. Try to understand now what part of your body is very relaxing and now that I’ve found has this state of relaxation in all parts of the body, so good! and as you continue to relax as I name a body part you, you relax more and more. Feel the relaxation in the head in the neck, behind and on top of your shoulders feel the relaxation down the arms, wrists, hands. Now your arms are so relaxed that I almost can not more than to raise them. I know you can do but try to keep them as still a wonderful feeling deeply relaxed. Listen now relaxing the chest relaxed with each breath, feel the relaxation in the back, feel the relaxation of the chest and belly, feel the relaxation of the pelvis and legs, the calves relaxes and relaxes your mind from one stop to your inner dialogue not think of anything else and if you get a bad thought let it go no one can distract you from this moment. Now count from ten to one, and you go down deeper and deeper with your relaxation. Ten) – nine) left to go down lower and lower; eight) -sette) – you’re completely relaxed; five) and if you think you can not try it down further down the same; four) -three) -two) -one) relaxed indulged. Now stay for a few minutes to this wonderful state of relaxation. Think of something positive even in good times, to relaxing moments, your relationship, something useful for your future goals. Indeed decide now your goal and pursue him while continuing to relax. Go left to go experience this state of deep relaxation in which you can tap into all the enormous resources that are inside you.
Now count from one to ten and slowly you wake up back here among us with a wonderful smile with wonderful feeling of well being and inner relaxation and everything you need to make the most of all you have to do in the day or in the next few days . A) starts to wake up slowly; two) begins to become aware of yourself; three) starts to rise to the surface; four) – five) -six) – seven) fetched; eight) take a deep breath; nine) open your eyes; ten) wake up !!!.


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