Apache 24 TS Speedster the Apache speedboat.

Apache 24 TS Speedster is a fast speedboat, the smallest model currently made by the Apache Powerboats brand.

Let’s say right away that the main feature of Apache 24 TS Speedster is that driven by a single engine it is possible to fly it with extreme maneuverability at a strong pace even in “rough” waters.


This is thanks to the quality of the hull, its elegant and aerodynamic design, the geometry of the deep V hull and the correct balance of weight on board all elements, which, as for all Apache models, contribute to obtaining exceptional handling and stability at high speeds. even with “rough” sea.

24 feet long, (7.3 m); 8 feet wide, (2.44 m); with an estimated displacement of 4,500 lbs, (2,041 kg); with fuel capacity of 90 gallons, (340 l); draft 36 inches, (0.91 m); deadrise 24 ° at the transom.

A motorboat that is very well controlled with exceptional driveability even in rough seas does not always happen, it is not always succed and it is not always possible.

It happens if the dimensions of a quality hull are not too large to be powered by a single engine for which the hydrodynamic drag is low, because there is only one foot immersed in the water, and the weight at the stern is less and the efficiency it is greater because only one motor needs to be powered. 

A single engine then costs less not only when it is purchased but also for periodic maintenance.

The choice of engine can be outboard or inboard depending on the needs and preferences.


Although today the preference shows a trend towards outboard motors, which allow you to customize the boat to the maximum, because you can decide not only the power and therefore the performance, but also the type of engine to be installed.

Boat customization is the most important thing for Apache Powerboats, where it focuses more attention to always offer an exclusive boat for each owner.

In fact Apache 24 TS Speedster can be modeled according to the personal tastes of the owner with the Company offering 3 different types of cockpit layouts with the possibility of using luxury elements tailored to specific customer requests.

Whatever the choice, the cabin is always set up with perfectionism and scrupulousness at the highest levels to satisfy the most demanding customers who love luxury, elegance and comfort.

The first configuration offered is that with 3 seats with the central driving position forward and immediately behind 2 seats for passengers. The second instead provides 4 seats with the driving position on the left. The third has 5 seats with joystick driving on the left and optional touchscreen controls.  

All adjustable seats with ergonomic support are those of the specialized company Recaro Maritime.

Apache 24 TS Speedster is an elite racing boat made not only for competitions, but to enjoy quick and safe travel with family and friends with maximum maneuverability to your favorite places.      

It is also a space-saving boat that is very useful for enriching the excursions of the owners of large yachts and beyond.

A perfect boat both to beach or to land where the yacht cannot or to navigate and stay in contact with nature and with the water of the sea or lakes.

It is a very flexible new generation type of boat, where space, ergonomics, comfort and performance come together with a passenger capacity on board that varies between 3-5 depending on the preferred cockpit configuration.

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