Apache Renegade 42 ‘extreme performance

The first feature that is evident when looking at the Apache brand boats is that they all have very bright colors: hand-painted sides with motifs that evoke speed and power.

However Apache is a shipyard known and appreciated not only for the exclusive and innovative graphics of their constructions but mainly for the performance and the high quality of the hulls that it manages to build. Hulls that are able to maintain their integrity for over thirty years while navigating rough seas in extreme conditions. 

This is thanks to Mark McManus President of Apache Powerboats one of the most respected in the world in the design of deep V offshore racing boats.

During his life he created over 600 boats between 20 and 65 feet in length and each boat produced has always reached the highest possible levels of the moment for craftsmanship and technology.

The high-performance Apache Powerboats benefit from this vast knowledge and experience of McManus from over forty years of activity in the field of competitive performance boats and the presence within the company of a modern craftsmanship between tradition and innovation that makes part of the great American heritage.

McManus was the first to use with excellent results a series of innovations that have made his boats exclusive and that today we find, albeit in updated versions, throughout the performance boating sector.

Starting from the composition of kevlar and carbon fiber to increase the safety, stability and durability of the hulls; the padded dashboards with laser-engraved polished aluminum panels; the central driving position with staggered engines, both in racing and pleasure models.

These are just some of the innovations introduced in the sector by McManus who began his career in building high performance boats at Cigarette Racing.

All of these elements and more have enabled Mark to build ultra- light, highly durable and safe boats that are terribly fast in calm waters and certainly among the fastest in rough waters. 

At a competitive level, the 45-foot (13.71 m) long Apache Star is the most famous racing motor boat built by the yard initially called Apache Heritage, built in Kevlar and carbon fiber. A deep-V speedboat powered by three 1,000hp engines broke several records and won world championships in 1992 and 1993 reaching a top speed limit of 132 mph (115 knots).

On 01 August 2015, Apache Star was the first 4-passenger pleasure boat to travel the 110-mile distance that divides Key West (Florida, Monroe County, United States of America) and Havana Cuba ( Havana, La Habana, Cuba), in just 90 minutes.

Today, with models ranging from 24 to 50 feet, Apache Powerboats produce a very diverse range of boats that are cured to maintain their integrity for a long time.

Among the brand new models made we find the 42 ‘Apache Renegade 42 feet long and 3 inches (12.87 m) and 8 feet and 2 inches (2.48 m) wide where in reality it is the updated reconstruction of the famous 41’ Apache one of the more positive projects carried out by the Apache team in offshore competitions. This model represents the synthesis of all the profitable developments and positive experiences accumulated during the 41 ‘Apache offshore racing from 1983 to the present.

 The new 42 ‘Apache Renegade has been designed to make navigation easy, stable, precise.

You get to hit frightening speeds without warning of going that fast especially if you are sailing in calm waters where the speed can easily exceed three digits, through different engine options.

And still maintain high-speed acceleration in rough sea conditions with waves exceeding up to 8 feet thanks to the quality of the deep-V boat with offset engines and center line helm station with a 5 person cockpit standing. Precise alignment, balance and weight distribution create a vibration-free performance boat in all sea conditions.

Like all models of the brand, each boat is built according to the guidelines of the customer who can propose an exclusive theme of how to paint the graphics of the hull or decide among those proposals that will remain his forever exclusive because the Apache Boats built by McManus are not never mass-produced and must be as unique as the owners are.

In addition, the customer has the possibility to decide to equip his hull from a large list of choices, including engines and navigation systems, ending with the interior fittings to satisfy every desire and need.

Another element that distinguishes this brand is the construction of the central command post which is treated in detail to make it as comfortable as possible, with all the control indicators separated from each other with a choice of white, silver or black fronts with custom anodized frames polished.  


Apache Renegade 42 ′ is a very versatile boat, perfect both for quickly reaching set goals and competing in offshore category competitions.  

 Main technical features

Length: 42 ′ 3 ″ (12.87 m)

Width: 8 ′ 2 ″ (2.48 m)

Fuel: 300 gallons. 3 tanks (11,353 L)

Draft: Stern drive down 42 ″ (106.68 cm)

Displacement: 11,300 lbs (5,125 kg)

Twin Mercury Racing Packages

700 hp with M-6 dry chain guard unit outgoing.

1100hp Twin Turbo engine with M-8 dry sump transmission.

1350 hp Twin Turbo with dry sump M-8 units.

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