Apache 38 ‘Falcon superior performance in rough waters

Everyone knows the American Apache motorboats, which have always been synonymous with speed and high quality not only aesthetics, but not everyone knows that the president of this brand is Mark McManus, one of the greatest designers in the world of high performance offshore boats.

During his working life, he has produced numerous offshore boats from 20 to 65 feet, including the famous “Ajac Hawk”, a 38-footer built back in 1978, winner of three consecutive world championships for the Cigarette Racing team. where Mark McManus began his career as a designer of fast boats for offshore racing. To then transfer all his experience accumulated over the years in the sector in the construction of pleasure boats of quality, power and offshore performance for the Apache Powerboats brand.

Mark McManus is famous for introducing many innovations to the industry and his boats are built with a unique combination of ballistic grade 49 Kevlar and 100% pure carbon fiber with attention to detail. With unparalleled hull quality that last more than 30 years despite being used in the most extreme conditions in offshore racing and featuring innovative hand-painted themed graphics.

These hulls are the result of a long program of research and development in materials, in particular in the lamination of Kevlar and carbon fibers with numerous tests done both in the laboratory and directly in the open sea field with the collaboration of a famous American chemical company where one of his researchers in 1965 invented the super fiber called Kevlar.

Those who approach the Apache brand want a unique stable and safe boat that has the necessary power to overcome “big waves” at high speeds to capture the fun that you get with waves of one meter high when you can get the hull out of the water along its entire length.

Today in the 24 to 50 foot range Apache Powerboats builds 2 types of boats one encompasses several models with all seated seats while the other with all standing seats.

Among these could not miss a 38-footer that gave so much satisfaction to Mark McManus, which Apache builds in the two seated or standing versions.

The standing model is called Apache 38 ‘Falcon, where the technical specifications of the project are the end result of McManus’ extensive knowledge and experience in the high performance boat industry of over forty years and many elements that make up the boat are the same as found in the winning world champions of 41-inch Apache and 47-inch Apache.

Apache 38 ‘Falcon, made of 100% Kevlar and carbon, with hull and deck joined together, is 38 feet 2 inches (11.63 m) long and 8 feet 2 inches (2.48 m) wide; has a maximum fuel capacity of 230 US gallons equal to 870.39 liters; a 34 inch draft equal to 0.8636 meters; displacement (estimated) 9,600 pounds equal to 4,354 kilograms; Deadrise 24 °.

This boat is perfect for an offshore adventure designed to go fast in rough waters with a deep V design set up with a cockpit for 5 standing occupants, with 2 staggered motors with rudder on the center line of the boat and a half optional cabin which includes a galley. Everything has been taken care of to perfection and the quality of the interiors is no exception, that said, it must be remembered that these are certainly not boats designed for a life below deck.

 This half-cabin located in the bow of the boat is accessed via an entrance located in the front part of the cockpit. As soon as we enter, we find the stainless steel sink with a refrigerator and an AC / DC inverter with accumulator, further on two upholstered benches arranged on both sides with upholstery coordinated with the colors of the interiors and at the bottom there is also a bed for both sleeping or to rest for a while indoors.

 The interior lighting is guaranteed by a 12 volt system and all colors coordinate with those chosen by the customer for the exterior.

The most important part of the boat is the central one, the cockpit area, where there are the controls and standing supports. The layout of the boat includes two supports with high padded backrests for those at the controls and a guest and another three supports further back aft for the other guests. There is also the possibility of separating the throttles from the command post and managing the boat in two with the pilot and co-pilot as happens in races.

The entire cockpit area is protected by a wraparound windshield and set up at the highest levels with great attention to detail with drink holder and powerful JL stereo with audio present both in the cockpit and in the optional half-cabin. On a dashboard built from aluminum panels, polished anodized with an attractive design, all the control elements of the boat are engraved with white, silver or black fronts at the customer’s choice but more generally this boat, like all of the Apache brand, has a high rate of adaptability to the customer’s needs. 

The bow is walkable but is used only when stationary or during moorings. The important handrail on the boat is made of billet aluminum.

The boats of the Apache shipyard are famous for facing the most difficult challenges in offshore conditions thanks to the laminates of the hull and its perfect balance that allows a higher speed in “rough sea” conditions. The higher freeboard allows the Apache 38 ‘Falcon to overcome waves for a faster average speed in adverse sea conditions.

The engine compartment covered by a transparent tailgate allows you to admire the details of the engines from above. To reach them, simply activate the mechanism that raises this exclusive tailgate by tilting it and thus ensuring good access to the engines.

A variety of engine choices can be installed in the engine compartment that can propel the Falcon at three-digit speeds while the deep-V Kevlar and carbon hull will always ensure a stable, safe and secure ride.

The positively tested engine configuration is one that features a pair of 700hp Mercury Racing sterndrive engines with M6 dry sump transmission. These engines deliver power and acceleration and a three-digit top speed with powerful and consistent performance on 87 octane fuel.



The M6 ​​unit features an innovatively designed dual-pinion gear shaft design divides the torque load for greater power capacity, while maintaining a slim and penetrating gearcase shape for maximum efficiency. Forged lower gears, designed to handle the highest torque loads while an innovative dry sump lubrication system ensures maximum efficiency and power. 

The abundantly and successfully race-proven drivetrain has been built to efficiently transfer all that horsepower into the water for maximum performance, handling and durability.

In addition, this transmission is compatible with Mercury Racing Zero Effort digital controls, joystick piloting and CNC propellers.