Apache 50′ Shaman large, powerful and elegant

The success of the Apache Powerboats high performance motor boats is mainly due to its President who designed all models in the brand’s range. 

We are talking about the legendary American boat builder Mark McManus famous for having introduced many innovations in the design and production of high performance offshore boats.

It was the first to successfully use Kevlar and carbon fiber for the construction of its hulls.

Kevlar is a synthetic aramid fiber invented in 1965 by Stephanie Kwolek, a researcher of the famous American chemical company DuPont. Its main feature is its great mechanical resistance to traction, so much so that for the same mass it is 5 times more resistant than steel. Kevlar also has great resistance to heat and flame.

McManus, along with DuPont and the United States Army, formed and led the first team to design and weave a unique Kevlar and carbon fiber laminate pattern. This advanced process has been successfully integrated into all of its hull designs to improve the safety and durability of its high performance boats.

Mark’s innovative technology and design, integrating an advanced composite of Kevlar and carbon fiber, along with manufacturing standards and precise machining, have resulted in high performance offshore motor boats that offer the best ride quality in “rough” sea conditions. 

With hulls that are known to last more than 30 years, despite being employed in the most severe conditions, because they are undoubtedly of superior quality. In addition these hulls feature innovative hand-painted themed graphics created to customer specifications so they are as unique as the owners, this is one of Mark’s many ideas that distinguish Apache boats.  

Today in the 24 to 50 foot range Apache Powerboats builds numerous models, Apache 50′ Shaman  is the largest 50 feet 6 inches (15.39 m) long and 8 feet 2 inches (2.48 m) wide; has a draft of 53.94 inches, (1.37 m); a displacement of 18,199 lbs, (8,255 kg); a fuel capacity of 450 gal., (1,703 l).

Apache 50’Shaman  is a high performance boat built for both tough offshore racing and quick displacements featuring a superb quality, super safe and durable offering a stable and manageable ride even in “rough water” conditions.

Shaman 50’it can be equipped with a double or triple engine and has been designed with a deep V design with offset engines and helm station on the center line of the boat.

It is a standing or seated model and the cockpit can accommodate up to 9 passengers including an elegant cabin layout with full galley, enclosed bathroom, various entertainment choices and V-berth.

Also for this model the technical specifications are the result of McManus’ vast knowledge and long experience and innovation in the sector.

Ballistic grade Kevlar49 and 100% pure carbon fiber with hand laid laminates and vinylester resins were used for the construction of the boat.

The boat was built with precision to perform solidly in the most adverse sea conditions. Therefore when you are in the middle of the sea and the weather worsens, always keeping the course we are sure that Apache 50′ Shaman  will quickly bring us back home safe and sound because the laminates and the hull balance, the alignment, the balance and the precise weight distribution, allow you to maintain a high speed even in unfavorable sea conditions.

Customers have the opportunity to equip the boat through a large list of options, from the powertrain, navigation systems and interior fittings, to meet every need and expectation.

For the propulsion of the boat you can decide whether to adopt a double or triple engine solution then choose the type such as the high performance marine engines produced by Teague Custom Marine (TMC) or Mercury Marine and finally the power, a possible configuration is the one with two or three 1,350 hp Mercury turbo Racing engines, however Apache is the choice, always guarantees quality and offshore performance.

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