The first thing that strikes seeing the luxury yacht Riva 76 Perseus is the enormous windscreen, led by a pillar built evidently in this way to offer the driver a clear view as well as having a very refined aesthetic presence.

Generally throughout the boat makes extensive use of crystal glass surfaces, in the end it was used about 40 square meters, in a hull with a sporty-elegant look of metallic silver color combined with dark gray classic, characteristic color of the Riva brand , which immediately arouses enormous admire emotion.

76 feet is the boat’s length corresponding to 23,25 meters. The boat propulsion is provided by two MAN engines to 12-cylinder V installed in the machine room with an output of 1.800 hp each.

Before bringing the boat in planar alignment is necessary that the temperature of arrivals engines on the 40 degrees. Above this temperature, you can begin increasing to accelerate the speed increases the pressure on the stern of the hull which is raised and comes into planar structure.

To reach this stage, it is necessary that the boat harbors in 1250 r / min. with a minimum speed of 15,5 knots. Found the planar arrangements the boat becomes more efficient and we can choose our cruising speed.

Choosing a cruise speed 20 knots each engine consumes 120 liters / hour. The cruising speed is up to 34 nodes while the maximum speed reaches 37 knots with a consumption of 350 liters / hour for each engine, with a total consumption of 700 liters / hour.

The boat tacking is always soft at any speed thanks to an automatic control system which tends to reduce the speed in case of turns but, as soon as the joystick returns to the center is resumed to navigate to the normal regime according to the speed the set cruise.

The boat dining area is equipped for 8 units with a sofa table and chairs.

Below deck there are three cabins including the owner’s very developed in size and comfort, which extends on both sides with central double bed with sitting area and walk-in closet. Obviously not miss the bathroom dedicated with very fine double marble sink and a long shower. The other two cabins a VIP longer moved forward with double bed and another double bed on the starboard side, both cabins have separate bathrooms. On the lower deck is also the kitchen.

The boat’s cockpit has ample space with the sofa aft with an extension that can become a large sundeck.

The stern platform can be completely immersed in the water to become an area in the sea that can, if necessary, be used to relax or to easily climb on board after swimming, or you can use it to facilitate the implementation of the tender water secure border in the garage below deck. Throughout the boat it is beautifully furnished with careful choice of furniture used, with fine leather and big stainless steel use that distinguishes the Riva brand in all its boats.

The price of Riva 76 Perseus, is around € 4.400.00

Technical data
• Length 76 ft 23,25 m
• Length of waterline 19,57 m 64 ft
• Width 5,75 m 19 ft
• Depth 1,90 m 6 ft
• Weight 52300 kg 52,30 t
• Engine MAN V 12, 1.800 hp
• Fuel tank 5.600 l
• Tank of the water 840 l

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