Yacht Evo WA the evolution of Evo 43

The term home automation in the nautical sector generically refers to a series of applications of information technology and electronics used on board to automate or control some processes useful for improving the comfort of the owner and guests. In the case of Yachts Evo WA or better yet to say Evo 43 the first model of Evo Yacht created in 2015, the home automation instead characterizes the whole boat, where all the maneuvers on board, can be governed even with a smartphone or tablet, thanks to a dedicated app.

Eva WA is the new of Evo 43 version, both of which were designed both for interiors and exteriors by Valerio Rivellini’s studio, while the buildings were both made by Blu Emme Yachts.

If we analyze Evo 43 in navigation, it looks like a normal yacht, a 13 meter (43 feet)  wide, 4.52 meter (14.8 feet) day cruiser with a straight bow and high walls with a sleek minimalist design where no bollards and side rails appear, with no chance to walk along and back on the boat the only possibility of support is along the windshield of the control console that reaches up to the stern. Practically the bow is accessible by boat only for necessity for mooring reasons.

So what is the particularity of this boat? It is that all that is needed develops in the stern area. Logically at the bow there are all the elements to moor the bollards and the anchorage system are concealed, the fenders are locked inside automatic couplings that are also hidden. The chain locker has been designed with a hydraulic opening while the anchor’s nose is electromechanical overturning. The cockpit is freely configurable one option is that which provides cubed walled seats with a dining table with hydraulic lifting with retractable kitchen cabinet containing the induction hob with four burners, worktop and sink, while the fridge is located under the seat guide with a capacity of up to 180 l (47.5 gal) organized with a rather functional basket system.

Under the cockpit, a large full-beam stowage compartment houses the safety features and the most cumbersome on-board objects. In the Evo 43 the cockpit can be shaded with awning.

Very special is the dashboard where a panel of graceful shape of wood or carbon collects all the management equipment including the joystick connected to two Volvo Penta IPS 600 of 435 hp each, which together with the deep V hull allow the boat to touch the maximum speed of 40 knots and a comfortable cruising speed of 32 knots with a range of about 300 nautical miles. But other possibilities of motorization are not excluded.

At the stern is the main innovation of the Evo 43. In fact, through a digital command performed from the driving position or from a tablet or smartphone the side walls move hydraulically in less than thirty seconds and opens a gigantic cockpit in the sea with a maximum beam of 6.31 meters (20.7 feet) width that are usually found on 25 or 30 meters long yachts increasing the available space of 40% and thus transforming the cockpit into a 25 sqm terrace configurable at will with table, sitting area, sun deck with table that rises and falls at will.

But the transformist gifts of this model do not end here. At the stern there is also the “Transformer”, a wide platform, perfectly integrated in the “beach” that can be extended with great flexibility of use thanks to a hydraulic system. The Transformer rotating almost 270 ° can be used as a safe and easy support for embarking or disembarking from the dock, as a ladder to go up easily on board, as a platform height adjustable dives or to launch or wing a tender or a jet ski.

All the servomechanisms for safety are separate and independent from each other so that everything can be done manually as for example the closing and opening of the stern walls. A small revolution that makes the Evo 43 unique. A mix of ideas and technologies born in the Gulf of Naples where the studio of Valerio Rivellini is based, which states: “In my projects I always try to go beyond the schemes and challenge traditions, but this does not mean that my look is only projected towards modernity. I think that the best ideas come from the mixture of styles – even apparently in contrast. “

While Alfredo and Rosario Mercuri – Evo Yachts release the following comment on the realization of the project: “From the beginning our goal was to make a different and innovative boat. The nautical sector has to start again, but there are few innovations around, and this does not serve the yards that have to sell their product, nor the customers who have to enjoy it. This is why we decided to introduce Evo 43: an unpublished boat, with spaces never seen on these dimensions. We worked hard, we put our heart and soul, and now we know it was worth it. Evo 43 is a new boat, exciting, versatile, and completely Made in Italy “.

Regarding the interiors, noble materials such as teak, crystal, leather and precious fabrics have been used to create simple and refined settings.

Below deck is accessed through a staircase made of tempered glass, illuminable by the wide steps. The layout includes two cabins for a maximum capacity of four beds a bow dinette with a V-shaped sofa and a foldaway table that turns into a double bed and another to the opposite side aft where there is a double cabin complete wooden and ceramic bathroom with shower and sink. The hull was built with a composite material, through a process of vacuum infusion, a system that allowed a reduction in displacement of 20% compared to boats of the same type.


The new Evo WA which stands for walkaround was officially presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2017. The most significant new feature of this new 13 meters compared to the previous one is that it offers the possibility to move easily between the stern area and the bow walking around the driving console.

This feature, from which it derives its name, was inspired by the construction of fishing vessels and was integrated with taste in the construction of Evo WA.

Another significant innovation is the carbon T-Top with electric extension, to extend the aft deck area useful for any weather conditions.

To conquer an overseas market, first of all the United States, the basic model was set up with special accessories that usually meet the needs of American shipowners. Like the double grill the fridge-freezer, the microwave in the dinette and the air conditioning system essential equipment for American boaters. In addition, for this market the outboard version is already under construction, much appreciated by the Americans and it is hoped that it will also meet with the favor among Europeans.

“Evo WA is our new challenge – commented the Mercuri brothers, owners of the Evo Yachts brand – and our goal is to further expand the fleet of this model, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to choose the yacht that best suits their needs. life at sea. Customization and quality remain the strong points of the construction site and also characterize the latest creation. We are convinced that our choices will be rewarded, as happened with Evo 43 “

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