Cigarette 59 Tirranna performance and comfort.

When the Mercury Verado 400R was launched on the market, a nearly 17-meter long hull with four brand new 400-hp Mercury series engines, the world’s most powerful series outboard ever built until then, was impressed by the power available.

Also because for many people, having only one of these engines at the stern of their hull is something extraordinary, a power of 400 hp to be managed wisely without getting caught by the hand. Imagine having 4 of these engines, a standard outboard that can easily reach the 60 knots with an impressive speed by operating the two throttles that control the four engines is something truly exceptional.

Americans know they love to surprise us and to make matters worse to celebrate the 50th anniversary of offshore regattas the Cigarette Racing Team, the world’s most famous manufacturer of high-performance motorboats under the leadership of Skip Braver, owner and CEO of Cigarette has created a new center console Cigarette 59 Tirranna that out of these outboard engines has even another record, for “standard” boats.

The hull is 59 feet (18 m) long and 14 feet (4.27 m) wide made of vinyl ester resin and composites by vacuum infusion, with structural reinforcements and the carbon fiber hard top. In addition, the hull is equipped with a bow thruster to make it easier to maneuver in the port, and the “Seakeeper 9” gyroscopic stabilizers to cancel almost all the roll effect.

This latest-generation hull has been built in line with the needs and preferences expressed lately by the nautical world, that is to say those of ever larger boats with outboard motors.

Cigarette 59 Tirranna is a luxury sport boat where performance and comfort are perfectly integrated. Its main feature in addition to the 400 hp Mercury Verado outboard sextet for a total power of 2,400 hp, mounted far away on a sturdy bracket at the end of the transom is the usability and comfort of its spaces to make life on board the as comfortable as possible even when standing still.

The teak exteriors highlight the combination of red and black colors of the comfortable seats from bow to stern for a maximum capacity of thirty people.

In the pilot area in the front row we find the first 4 seats all adjustable behind three other sofas staggered with tables that can be driven or disappear in the dunnage or stop at the sofas to form a welcoming sunbathing area. In the stern there is also an external kitchen and a large free swimming platform that can also be used as a useful support for those who cook.

In line with the other Cigarette series boats another element that makes this brand distinctive is the care of the central console that must be super taken care of down to the smallest detail to create a driving position that is as functional and comfortable as possible.

In this model rudders and controls have been overcome, they are close and in addition to all the control displays that you can see well, there are two 24-inch monitors and four other 9-inch screens in suitable points of the boat and an audio system that emits 2400 Watt.

The post is then covered by a clean and aggressive carbon fiber hard top of black color with the double-curved windscreen that does not pass in observed.

Below deck there is a cabin furnished with a double bed and a large bathroom with shower with a sumptuous covering. We wanted to create an atmosphere of great luxury by using refined Poltrona Frau black and white leathers worked in a special way that stand out the stitching and contours of the entire upholstery all made with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the most demanding customers who appreciate the quality of details.

Another peculiarity of this boat is that from the cabin it is possible to look at the sea through a window on the external side of the hull.

Tiranna manages to reach 62 knots thanks to the propulsive force of its 6 engines and a set-up system capable of controlling the inclination of each outboard during navigation and a Mercury Vesselview interface, which shows the six engines simultaneously on the screen .

As for consumption with 3,789 liters, equivalent to 1,000 US gallons, which represents the maximum capacity of the Cigarette tank, it claims a capacity of 780 miles at a cruise of 43 knots. The cost of this jewel of the seas is around 3 million dollars.

About the boat Skip Braver has issued the following declaration:

“The 59 is a different type of boat for a different type of customer. We continue to push the bar “

He then commented on the hull that can be used in all types of conditions:

“59 is made for the ocean”


Main technical features

Overall length: 18 m (59 ft);

Baglio: 4.27 m (14 ft);

Sextuple Mercury Racing 400R Verado Engines;

Fuel reserve: 3,789 l (1000 US gal);

Dry displacement 14,060 Kg;

Displacement at full load: 18,150 Kg;

Maximum speed: 62 kn (72 mph) at full load;

Seakeeper 9;
Bow thruster;
Californian double bed;
Large bathroom with separate shower and head.

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