Mercury Verado 400R the water arrow

To describe the boat Mercury Verado 400R we must necessarily start from the numbers. Hull 56,5 feet long, without interior, very tight, stern mounts 4 brand new outboard engines Mercury Verado Racing 400R 400 hp each; a weight / power ratio of 1,32 hp per kg; the power density 153 per liter.

Analyzing this data once we realize that is not the boat to do the little trip on Sunday to the sea with the family but is a real fireball of a real sea water arrow. The most powerful outboard product series to date, and could only realize the Mercury Marine, founded in 1939, manufactures marine engines with Mercury brands, Mercury Racing, MerCruiser and Mariner outboards and one of the largest companies in the world, in particular in construction of outboard motors.

Boat that easily reaches sixty knots with an extraordinary rapidity that in less than ten minutes travels 10 miles by pressing the two cuffs that control the four aft engines with confidence and with no skidding.

Obviously a boat of this type buys only those who are fond of speed, or rather those who like to sail the sea with a certain gait. It ‘a boat that you can drive safely and precise but must be able to control all the installed power through careful driving without to get carried away, prudence is not a thing as too much, especially when the RPM of the engine are high.

We must be aware that it is ruling a total of 1.600 hp power, stuff to shake your wrists. We have to consider it a boat of series that has almost the same racing performance.

In fact, on this boat we were transported all the developments and technical solutions tested ia competitive level.

The thing that most showed the testers, is the truly fantastic acceleration, but this is a feature generally Mercury engine.

The consumption if we consider an average pace of 40 mph (statute miles / hour) of the 4 engines consumption of 40 gallons per hour (US gal per hour) amounted to 151,2 liters per hour, each engine consumes 10 US per gal now equal to 37,8 liters per hour. Obviously the higher the pace greater the consumption but the owners of this boat should have no problem to do so bearing in mind that usually travel easily to velocitò 70 mph (statute miles / hour).

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