The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.

 With the sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 the French shipyard of Bénéteau changes route proposing a large sailboat of 62 feet approximately 19 meters with the same comfort both on the interior and the deck offered only by the current luxury motor yachts. To do this, he asked for the collaboration of a well-known Italian motorboat designer to redesign comfort elements that were used only on motorboats until recently. Continua a leggere “The sailboat Oceanis Yacht 62 of Bénéteau changes route.”

Mercury Verado 400R the water arrow

To describe the boat Mercury Verado 400R we must necessarily start from the numbers. Hull 56,5 feet long, without interior, very tight, stern mounts 4 brand new outboard engines Mercury Verado Racing 400R 400 hp each; a weight / power ratio of 1,32 hp per kg; the power density 153 per liter. Continua a leggere “Mercury Verado 400R the water arrow”