Cigarette 41 AMG Carbon Edition performance, handling and versatility

Carbon fiber is increasingly at the center of attention because in recent years, through study and research programs, it has continually seen a great increase in its strength and lightness and in the face of these peculiarities many sectors that have used it for years constantly follow the development of this material. Also the construction techniques of this alloy, starting from the mold models to the lamination to the structural gluing and others, are in full evolution with whole production cycles that in a short time can undergo significant improvement effects. Attentive to these problems, surely it is the high-performance boating sector that for years has been using carbon fiber composites to make more and more light and robust hulls, all to the advantage of speed and navigation reliability. Every year Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing start a new high-performance boat project, collecting all the developments and experience accumulated on the previous models, always trying to bring improvement elements like in the most prestigious Formula 1 car teams.

This year the new boat is called 41 AMG Carbon Edition inspired by the current 4-door Mercedes AMG GT 63 S Coupé and was presented at the Miami International Boat Show in February of the 2019. With 41 AMG Carbon Editions there are 11 boats that the two companies have developed together since more than 12 years of collaboration through a continuous exchange of experience and technologies, even if they are two companies that have their core business in completely different sectors car manufacturer the Mercedes-AMG and fast boat builder the Cigarette Racing the two Companies share the same buyers who love speed on both water and land but first and foremost equipped with a large portfolio. The 41 foot (12.5 meter) hull was built through an innovative sandwich construction with structural carbon fiber laminates on both sides of the lightweight core. In the end, the overall weight of this year’s Cigarette is around 250 kg less than the 50′ Marauder AMG GT R inspiration of the 2017 AMG 50 which in turn had already been lightened by around 589 kg compared to previous standard models. This again thanks to the evolution of construction techniques and the widespread use of carbon fiber composites, not only to make the hull for this model was also used for the bridge, the rudder, the hard top and the coating of the from this roof the name of the boat surely springs. This lightweight construction also allowed the boat’s center of gravity to be lowered, all to the advantage of stability at high speeds. The 41 AMG Carbon Edition is equipped with four Mercury Racing 400R outboard motors of 400 hp each delivering a total power of 1,600 hp which pushes the boat to a top speed of 142 km / h (88 mph) truly exceptional performance. However the boat is “inspired” by the Mercedes AMG GT 63 S Coupé powered by a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine that develops a power of 577 hp is a comfortable 4-door fast class sports car with ample space available for four passengers. High-performance boats are like high-performance cars, but use must also be considered. This year’s boat is very powerful, but very different from the 3,100 hp with a top speed of 225 km / h (140 mph) on the 515 Project One inspired by  Mercedes-AMG One of the 2018. What has changed then precisely the use if one wants a boat to run a certain route in record time maybe together with a small group of friends for up to five people will choose the powerful 515 Project One. The tendency today for high-performance boats is to be managed almost by everyone without ever losing that sense of security when it comes upon high-speed waves, speed is important but also maneuverability and comfort. This year’s special edition sets new benchmarks in terms of performance, handling and versatility, as explained by Scott Preacher, Cigarette Racing Chief Marketing Officer: “This year, the cigarette was inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 four-door coupe during the design of the 41 ‘Carbon Edition. “The idea is that it is still a powerful car, but you can take two more people with you in the back seat,” explains Preacher. “Our boat is exactly the same.” “Very high speed boats have a maximum capacity of four or five people, but it is possible to comfortably carry up to eight people on this year’s model and continue shooting at over 80 miles per hour. Lower the speed to a cruise clip (around 20-30 miles per hour) and you can have up to 20 friends for the ride. “ “We could have done this boat five or 10 miles per hour faster, but the way we put it, you can get on the plane, have 15 passengers on board and get up and keep running.” The 41 AMG Carbon Edition therefore has the ability to carry up to eight passengers in the back seat at maximum speed and up to 20 people thanks to comfortable seats available from bow to stern with a cruising speed of around 25 miles per hour however, it remains a nice speed for quick trips to reach fixed goals together with family and friends. To create an association immediately, the color and aesthetic details of the hull are the same as those of the charismatic GT 4 coupé, the first sports car in the 4-door Mercedes-AMG and incorporates the same classy touches. The charm depends on a widespread contrast between opaque and glossy areas that interact with a bright red specially developed for the 4-door AMG GT 63 S Coupé. To create this contrast the hull is painted with an extraordinary designo graphite gray magno paint with bright red accents. The same design features continue inside the boat with the upholstery of the seats coordinated with the color of the exterior with the stitching motifs made exclusively with meticulous perfectionism at the highest levels. The upholstery then of the seats uses an innovative fabric called “Cigarette Cool”, which allows you to reflect up to 30% of the heat absorbed so that you can use the darker colors inside to preserve an elegant and comfortable atmosphere without worrying about too much hot. The design of the center console is also inspired by that of the AMG GT 63 S Coupé with all the controls and controls at hand with three Garmin full HD 17-inch displays with touchsceen. The design manager AMG Gorden Wagener precisely the Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG considers this vessel jointly created every year with Cigarette Racing the “Formula 1 on the water” on the occasion of the official presentation has thus stated: “The new Cigarette Racing boat underlines the current aesthetic of the Mercedes – AMG brand. It highlights the passion for aesthetics and power. The strong graphic of the brand becomes symbolic for this experience … Therefore, AMG Performance Luxury can also be experienced at sea “.

On the margins of the official ceremony, Skip Braver, president of Cigarette Racing, released the following comment: “This year’s AMG project pushes the builder out of his comfort zone, forcing him to experiment with new technologies like carbon fiber layup.” “Our use of materials continues to evolve. It’s all about the goal of getting more performance and luxury, while expanding what it means to own a cigarette. Just like they did with the car, we lightened the boat without sacrificing performance. We have changed the design by lowering the center of gravity and using carbon fiber throughout the boat. “The hull lay-up starts about eight months before the boat’s debut in Miami, while the painting process lasts more than two months. The upholsterers need more than a month to create the hand-sewn seat. We have 16 concepts that go back and forth during the approval process. In the end, we have a design that we’re both happy about. “ “We have seen other companies try to copy this type of collaboration, but it has not worked. It is unique in the whole sector. It seems a mutual admiration and when we hear them speak, they seem to feel the same. It is an honor to work with them “.

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