Cigarette 59 Tirranna AMG Edition luxury and performance.

For 13 years there has been a collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing Team with 12 unique boats produced and as many unique models of cars built.

Although the two companies operate in two completely different sectors, auto manufacturers Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing builder of fast boats, the two companies share the same ideas of aesthetics and power and with creativity and skill, through a continuous exchange of experience and technologies, every year they manage to create exclusive models for land and water. Other companies have attempted a collaboration of this type but have not succeeded.

This year 2020 the AMG and Cigarette Racing Team in collaboration have created a special edition version of the 59-foot Tirranna AMG boat and the Mercedes-AMG 63 SUV.

These two special specimens complement each other aesthetically and technologically and share exclusive finishes and designs and special details that can only be found on these specific models.

In this regard, Skip Braver owner and CEO of Cigarette has released the following statement:

“The 59 Tirranna, which we launched in Miami last year, kicked off the Cigarette Hyper-Luxury series, which combines maximum luxury with exceptional performance.” “This is in our DNA – an integral element of the cigarette difference – so it makes perfect sense to partner with Mercedes-AMG on this spectacular boat.”

Skip Braver was referring to the boat 59 Tiranna built to celebrate 50 years of offshore racing of the Cigarette Racing Team launched on the market last year 2019. This 18-meter-long luxury sports boat with central console is powered by a Mercury outboard sextet Racing 400R of the Verando 400 hp line for a total power of 2,400 hp, a record then for boats, “standard” with the boat reaching a maximum speed of 114 km / h equal to about 70 mph.

Although the 59 Tirranna was already a good boat, the Cigarette Racing Team sought the best solutions for every detail during the development of the Tirranna 59 AMG Edition.

Although 59 feet (about 18 meters) in length and 14 feet (4.2 meters) wide, this new model is truly agile and optimized for maximum performance thanks to a hardtop always built in carbon fiber but entirely inclined, which lowers the center of gravity and ensures better handling on the water.

The hull and deck were created using a vacuum infusion process from an optimized composite laminate with a PVC core, with structural reinforcements, also in carbon fiber, also used for the entire deck structure and the transom .

Much attention has been paid as a distinctive element of the boat and in general of the brand itself for the construction of the central console with attention to the smallest details with an anti-reflective and heat-resistant dashboard that features titanium fixing elements with ergonomically positioned components and instrumentation with double Garmin multifunction display.

In addition, the Tirranna 59 AMG Edition 2020 was powered by 6 outboard engines this time of 450 hp each, precisely it was equipped with 6 Mercury Racing 450Rs from the Verado range with 8 4.6-liter V-cylinders with a 2-liter volumetric compressor , 4 liters.

Each engine delivers a crankshaft power of up to 450 hp, with a total available power of 2,700 hp which allows the Tirranna 59 AMG Edition (briefly AMG Tirranna) to reach a maximum speed of almost 130 km / h equal to 80 mph . Thanks also to a set-up system able to control the inclination of each outboard during navigation and a Mercury Vesselview interface, which shows the six engines simultaneously on the screen.

They are undoubtedly exceptional performances for a boat of this size which can accommodate up to 26 people. The Cigarette Racing Team describes the new AMG Tirranna as “the perfect balance between a luxury yacht and a performance-oriented super console”.

The hull of AMG Tiranna double-step is equipped with a bow thruster bow thruster to make maneuvering easier in port, and the gyroscopic stabilizers “Seakeeper 9” to cancel almost 80%, according to its manufacturer l Roll effect elements these already present in the standard version 59 Tirranna further refined for this new version in a special edition.

To immediately create an aesthetic association, the exterior of the AMG Tiranna hull and the fabulous bodywork of the Mercedes-AMG 63 SUV are of the same metallic black color with similar accents in gold design, while the cabin below deck has been made with the same combination of interior colors of the Mercedes AMG G 63 SUV, spotted beige and dark blue.


For the interiors we wanted to create an atmosphere of great luxury by using refined hand-crafted leathers where the stitching and contours of the entire upholstery stand out, all made with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the most demanding customers who appreciate the quality of the details.

The cabin below deck is composed of a sitting area with a large sofa with a piece of furniture that hides a refrigerator, another closet and a television, plus forward the cabin is completed with a California king-size bed with a large bathroom with separate shower. Three windows on each side of the hull offer a sea view from inside the cabin. The skylights present both on the hardtop of the hardtop and in the attic of the cabin provide more light creating a feeling of spaciousness and on the occasion they can be darkened through panels when you want more privacy.

The exteriors are highlighted by the combination of the colors of the comfortable seats from bow to stern. All deck coverings use an innovative fabric, already present on the Cigarette 41 AMG Carbon Edition boat, which allows you to reflect up to 30% of the absorbed heat so you can use darker colors to preserve an elegant and comfortable atmosphere without worrying too hot.

In the pilot area, covered by the hardtop, in the first row we find the first 4 armchairs, all adjustable, the central one being the driving position, immediately behind other staggered sofas that can be electrically combined with those at the stern to become a large sunbathing area. Useful retractable tables are present in the front of the boat.

At the stern there is also an outdoor kitchen with sink and a large platform that can also be used as a useful support when cooking. Hardtop present integrates with a system of electric awnings able to completely cover the area of ​​the aft cockpit.

Another noteworthy detail on the deck is the presence of a continuous rounded stainless steel support handle that runs the entire length of the boat.

AMG Tirranna’s digital system limits the amount of cables needed inside the boat, thus reducing the overall weight and allows you to control everywhere on board via an iPad, lighting, air conditioning in the cabin, monitoring bilge pumps and more.

In addition, a JL Audio Marine system has been installed on board consisting of 29 speakers and 5,200 watts which offers high quality sound throughout the boat.

The land model the Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV offers exceptional capabilities both as off-road and on the road thanks to a 4-liter V8 biturbo engine with 585 hp all-wheel drive. It is equipped with a fully automatic suspension system called Ride Control Mercedes-AMG, which adjusts the wheels according to the driving conditions. Like the boat, the bodywork is metallic black with gold design accents similar to those of the AMG Tirranna. Like the boat, the interiors are stained beige and dark blue. The steering wheel is in carbon fiber covered with dark blue soft leather. The radiator grille, the push bumper and the side steps are matt black. The new 22-inch forged cross-spoke wheels are highlighted with golden accents on the central wheel caps and on the rim flange. There are other details that highlight and increase the association with the AMG Tiranna to make the version of this SUV unique and particular.

The interiors and exteriors of the boat and car were created through a close collaboration between the Cigarette Teams, that of AMG Design and Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG.

In this regard, Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG has issued the following statement:

Mercedes-AMG stands for Performance Luxury. The Tirranna AMG Edition is the perfect transfer of this principle on a boat: its dynamic and deeply sensual proportions embody athletic beauty. The boldness of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 can be experienced in its powerful and clean appearance. “

While Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG Mb commented:

“Since 2007, we share our passion for performance with the Cigarette Racing Team. For the first time ever, we have chosen a holistic design approach for cars and boats. “ “The Mercedes-AMG G 63 Cigarette Edition is even more individual than any previous edition in our successful collaboration. The exterior and interior of the G-Class Edition were created individually in our Performance Studio in Affalterbach and underline the powerful appearance of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 “.

“The Mercedes-AMG G 63 is a unique and timeless icon. It inspired us to improve even further when it comes to high water performance. “

Finally Skip Braver, CEO Cigarette Racing Team said:

“The 59 Tirranna AMG Edition remains true to our DNA and at the same time embodies luxury and performance. In this way, we want to exceed the expectations of our demanding customers and set new standards. “

The price 59 Tirranna AMG Edition 2020 has not yet been announced the price of the 59 Tirranna in standard format is around 3 million dollars.

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