The challenges faced by shipyards that build high-performance series boats are to design them more and more safely and to equip them with appropriate technologies to make driving easier.

Because those who buy this type of boat are usually the same people who love strong emotions even when they are behind the wheel of a supercar on the road, and if they do not live on income, they certainly do not have much time to engage in a guide complicated for which the boats must be manageable, easy to drive even at high speed without necessarily being a Formula 1 driver of the sea.

Just to satisfy these particular buyers for several years there is a collaboration between the German car manufacturer of the Mercedes-AMG and the Americans of Cigarette Racing manufacturer of high performance boats, even if they are two completely different sectors. Their cooperation was initiated through a common commercial action to satisfy a rich, fussy and perfectionist speed lover both on water and on land.

Later this partnership was expanded through a continuous exchange of experience and technology. This amazing synergy between the two companies has produced exceptional results and on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the collaboration, the 50 ‘Marauder AMG GT R inspired by the powerful Mercedes – Benz AMG GT R supercar launched on the market.

Performance-oriented innovation, and more, has always been in the DNA of the two companies and this new fast boat was built with the most technologically advanced materials of the moment. Starting from the 15.24 meter long and 2.43 meters wide hull, it was built using an infusion technique of very advanced carbon fiber composites but also all the other elements that make up the boat such as the foredeck or cockpit  and the consoles, have been subjected to a careful study and analysis to make them as light as possible to optimize performance with extensive use of carbon fiber.

The final goal was a lightening of the new 50 ‘Marauder AMG GT R of around 1,300 pounds corresponding to around 589 kg compared to standard models. Really amazing.

The whole development of the boat was the result of a joint work by a rich team and required numerous tests and a great experience in the sector only in this way it is possible to build a fast hull indeed as fast as the 50 ‘Marauder AMG GT R that with the its 3,100 hp reaches a speed of 140 mph equal to 225 km / h corresponding to 122 knots. Truly exceptional.

The hull dimensions, the hull, the propeller pitch and every detail has been studied in detail to make the most of the engine power and to improve performance. The hull as well as being light is solid to withstand the stresses due to the impact on the waves at high speed. Great attention was paid to the positioning and configuration of the steps to the hull, essential for reducing the wetted surface so the fluid dynamic resistance.

In the well-ventilated stern engine room covered by a carbon fiber hatch there are a couple of staggered Mercury Racing 1,550/1,350 engines that supply up to 3,100 hp. In fact they are two 1,550 hp double-calibrated sterndrive engines equipped with an advanced control system that allows you to change the power level of each engine using an electronic key fob. The keychain in race mode sucks racing petrol and supplies 1,550 hp to every single engine. The same keychain in non-race or recreational navigation mode draws 91 octane fuel and generates power for each individual engine of 1,350 hp. Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize engine performance at every power level.

The terrestrial sister the Mercedes-AMG Gran Turismo R instead is driven by a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine and has a power of “barely” 577 hp. On the other hand the Mercedes-AMG Gran Turismo R has an enchanting bodywork with amazing lines, shapes and proportions all characteristic of the Mercedes charisma.

Among the colors chosen to paint the bodywork of this resplendent supercar is the Green Hell magno, the same color chosen by Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG for the external details of the boat to immediately create a direct association with Mercedes- AMG GT R, while the fabulous interior seat inserts were made by AMG Performance Studio.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG and honor the 10-year partnership with the Cigarette Racing Team, a special logo has been developed that does not go unnoticed on the foredeck of the boat.

Everything was meticulously crafted with a fussiness, perfectionism and scrupulousness at the highest levels, to satisfy the most demanding customers, the one who appreciates the quality of details and finishes and who is willing to pay around $ 1,500,000 to buy this boat to then enjoy the pleasure and emotion of speed perception on the water.

Below are some comments released by those responsible for this new arrow of the sea:

Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercedes AMG GmbH. issued the following statement:

“Performance, perfection and passion are the values ​​that unite Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing. Based on these values, eight sensational special editions were created during these ten years of collaboration, and the 50 ′ Marauder AMG 2017 presented here is its flagship. The new edition is therefore a symbol for the ten-year partnership with Cigarette Racing and for the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG “.

Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer of Daimler AG commented:

“The 2017 Marauder AMG 50 is a particularly surprising result of our continued collaboration with the Cigarette Racing Team and an appropriate tribute to honor 10 years of work together. A racing icon has inspired another, and we are proud to continue to establish the benchmark and combine design and performance perfectly both on land and at sea “.

Finally, Skip Braver, CEO of Cigarette Racing, pointed out:

“From the beginning we were confident that Mercedes-AMG would be the perfect partner as our companies are both proud of our triumphant racing legacy and keep a constant focus on pushing performance limits. Now it’s an extremely proud moment to celebrate 10 years of working together and demonstrate the strength of our collaboration with Mercedes-AMG by unveiling our most impressive high-performance boat ever. “

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