Phenomenon, 17 meters long and 4 meters wide, built in 2010 with its 12 thousand horses it shoots across the water at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour thanks to its 4 T55 turbine engines powered by 6 fuel tanks of 2 thousand liters each. Even today it is one of the fastest motorboats in the world. Then it was born to beat the record achieved at sea in 2000 by Russ Wicks who touched the speed of 330Km / h. The project of this super fast boat was financed by a rich American family, owner of a fast-food chain, the Popeye Fried Chicken that managed to make the most capable engineers from NASA, Boeing, ex Us Naval collaborate for the occasion Architects, (American naval forces).

The hull of the boat has slender and futuristic lines but the main feature is the engine that needs a surprising consumption of fuel, with 6 tanks of 2000 liters each equal to 12,000 liters of total fuel its autonomy is only about 2 hours , really crazy. We are of course talking about a particular custom motorboat to beat a record that at the time cost a really considerable amount.

Far from this record but still to keep an eye on for the quick results they are getting, is the Jaguar Vector Racing V20E which set the new world speed record on the water with an electric speedboat in June 2018, marking a speed peak of 88.62 miles per hour, equal to about 142.6 km / h on Lake Coniston Water, in England, surpassing the previous record of about 12 miles per hour established in 2008 with a speed of 76.8 miles per hour.

This is an important record, which places Jaguar among the world’s leading companies, engaged in the development of high-performance electric propulsion technologies with zero environmental impact.

The motorboat was developed in collaboration with the offshore Vector Racing and Williams Advanced Engineering team that competes in the Formula E competition. The Jaguar Vector Racing V20E makes use of its own electrical technology experimented in this competition. The propulsion force that allowed this car to reach the speed of the established record derives from a pair of Yasa electric motors and a 320 kg battery pack, which together develop 300 horsepower.

The Jaguar Vector Racing V20E was piloted during the speed test by the co-founder and technical director of Jaguar Vector Racing, Peter Dredge.

At the end of the test, the Jaguar CEO of Vector Racing, Malcom Crease commented:

“After 12 months of hard work, this is a fantastic achievement for the team and for our partners. It is a first big step to bring the versatility of electrification into the naval industry too “.

Also the Williams Advanced Engineering Managing Director, Craig Wilson, very happy with the record reached, wanted to release the following statement:

“Williams Advanced Engineering is proud to have supported this new world record by Jaguar Vector Racing by providing the award-winning knowledge in the field of electric mobility, supplying the engines and control systems of the boat. Our experience in Formula E in the last four racing seasons and our ongoing partnership with Jaguar in the ABB FIA Formula E championship has provided the technical and operational platform necessary to achieve this fantastic result “

The review of these high performance boats continues with a bolide this time designed not to break a record but to generate adrenaline rush due to a strong emotion and excitement guaranteed by the speed on the water that only a very high performance boat can offer to the lucky ones who can afford it.

We are talking about the Cigarette Racing 515 15 meters long and 2.90 meters wide with a slender shape, for maximum aerodynamics at sea. It was powered by two Mercury Racing V8 engines that develop 1,350 hp each with normal 91 octane petrol and can reach 1,550 hp each using racing fuel. The total power therefore varies between 2,700 and 3,100 HP which make it a true arrow on the sea. On board, there is space to occupy space for up to six people.

Carbon fiber and kevlar synthetic fiber have been used for the boat to ensure lightness and rigidity. The end result is to have a functional, comfortable, safe and fast boat, which can reach up to 220 km / h that can withstand any impact, jump or anything else on the waves with a truly exceptional grip.

We close this review with the yacht now the fastest in the world called Alpha 11.71 meters long reaches the   top speed of 80 knots equal to 148 kilometers per hour. This is thanks to two Mercury Racing 700 SCI engines that give off a total power of 1,400 hp. The design of an adequate engine compartment was fundamental for this yacht to eliminate vibrations and to dissolve the heat of the engine, to cool it air intakes were installed while on the back of the series of flaps open as soon as the engine is launched ,beautiful to be seen, that have characterized the aesthetics of the yacht.

The yacht was built at the SV Yacht shipyard based on a project designed by the designer, Nikolai Sass and the naval engineer Mauricio Antonio Velez. The two designers are also the yacht’s producers. The goal was to build a beautiful, fast and easy to drive boat with ample space to relax on deck where guests can sunbathe or dive into the sea thanks to a beautiful and functional stern platform, in the end the result is was truly exceptional.


Alpha excites only by looking at it for its aesthetics that very much recalls the automotive style of the supercars, it is a dream yacht, where luxury and performance are perfectly integrated thanks also to a very deep hull V-shaped hull and specially designed propellers that guarantee the right stability even at high speeds.

Built to reach relatively distant places by darting on the water with its powerful propeller, it is also suitable for owners who want to relax at the weekend even with just a short daily cruise.



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