The announcement of the Australian family Kidman, who raises cattle for over 100 years, to auction their land holding in Australia, as large as the Bulgheria or Portugal and over a third of Italy has attracted a large interest in the world. It is the largest landed estate in the world owned by a private individual. Usually land of such great extent belong to a state. Obviously many have expressed interest in acquiring this huge property, such as Chinese and Japanese, but requests for purchase involvement were received from the United States, Sweden and Switzerland. The citizens of Australia disagreed and asked the government for a national pride, to find the money to buy this property, so as not to go into foreign hands 2% of the entire continent. It is a land that until now has been used for the breeding of livestock that only to inspect it takes with the plane more than 10 days. Even today, the Kidman family produces 1.3% of exports of Australian beef. The company’s founder Mr. Sidney Kidman at the time was called the “KING OF CATTLE” died in 1935 he left everything to his four sons and the property has remained firmly in the hands of the family for five generations without ever accumulating debts. The size of the territory is very functional for the company as it allows to bring the cattle from the North and South of the continent following the course of rivers with increasing availability of water and forage along the way. The starting price is set at only $ 325 million for many, it is considered a bargain, considering that in the huge territory of 101 thousand square kilometers are also included 500 thousand heads of cows and sheep, and that the price of meat has continuous increase in the international market. Whatever happens it will be remembered in time as an exceptional sale bearing in mind the extent of the territory also easily identifiable on a map at the same strequa of a medium-sized nation.

Regrettable phenomenon increasing the flight of pensioners

Translation writing photo highlights:Pensions INPS one in two is below one thousand euro per month

The drain phenomenon retired from Italy is growing rapidly. If the monthly allowance that takes INPS in Italy you can not even satisfy those who are the primary basic needs, many are pensioners who leave the country of origin to other places, to live a more dignified existence and enjoy what I have left to live in some earthly paradise at low cost.


As the Canaries that has become a favorite destination for tens of thousands of compatriots, where life is cheaper even in the most popular tourist resorts, and where there are mostly better living conditions.


There are about 400,000 retirees in recent years, after a working life, they decided to leave Italy and move to other low-cost countries with better living conditions from climate perhaps enjoying the warm sun and clear sea. Just as the Canaries but also Morocco and Tunisia, and for those who dare more Panama, Ecuador and Malaysia.



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Yacht Chopi -Chopi 80 meters of elegance cost a million euro per meter boat named 2013 was built without exaggeration footprint of good taste in the style of Italian quality that made the yachts made Italy the world’s most famous. Built by the Ferretti Group, the boat features five bridges surrounded by voluminous interior made of wood and marble that make the rooms comfortable and cozy. It can accommodate up to thirty-one units manned with twelve guests. And ‘it powered by two Caterpillar engines and a top speed of sixteen knots. Continua a leggere “THE SUPER LUXURY YACHT”