Donzi 22 the new classic to celebrate 55 years of activity.

Donzi Marine of the Iconic Marine Group (IMG) builds speed boats that are extraordinarily speed for fans of high performance boats.

In the United States of America where this passion is certainly more developed, owning a Donzi boat famous in the world not only for exceptional performance, but also for the construction of its quality hulls, represents a symbol for several generations of American well-being.

In particular, the classic Donzi, pleasure boats chosen by the presidents and great celebrities, depict the purest expression of much, much fun on the boat.

The first successful classic model was made by Don Aronow, founder of the Miami-based company back in 1964, a 16-foot rocket called “The Sweet 16”.

Subsequently the 18 and 22 feet were built which enriched the range of Donzi classics highly appreciated in the sector for innovation, performance, functionality and design.

Even today, obviously, with updated versions, they represent the company’s flagship boats.

They are boats with timeless beauty that will never go out of style and every detail has been taken care of, both inside and out to keep the boat for a long time.

The activity of Donzi Marine has lasted for more than 55 years because it always manages to innovate its models using the most advanced technologies possible while always remaining faithful to the originality of its projects, managing to maintain a loyalty of customers that date back to the mid-years’ 60.

Basically Don Aronow, founder of Donzi, invented a type of motor boats still among the fastest and most popular around today.

Currently in the 16 to 43 feet range Donzi Marine builds numerous models of classic and sport boats .

To celebrate its 55th anniversary, it has built a limited number of new 22-foot classic boats, arousing great interest especially among collectors.

More precisely, Donzi made only 15 of them and to honor the event, the boats were made exclusive by a series of new elements, such as the revision of the upholstery and the installation of a new generation control dashboard, with engine controls of Livorsi Marine.

In addition, a high-performance, pleasant to the touch steering wheel from the Italian company Isotta was installed and the passenger compartment was protected by a plexiglass windshield of the Venturi type.

In addition, the floor of the entire cockpit was covered with Plasdeck a high quality synthetic teak, with null maintenance because it can be easily cleaned from any type of dirt and with an unmistakable style with many colors available that offers unparalleled customization.

In this model the Plasdeck has been personalized by a Donzi inlay.

For the rest,  the boat remains faithful to its original design.

The beautiful, slender and bad boat 22 feet long and 6 inches (7 m) and 7 feet (2 m) wide has a net weight of 3,725 pounds (1,690 kg) is the largest model in the range of Donzi classics.

The V-hull built in fiberglass has reached the deck mechanically and chemically to ensure that there are no flexes during navigation.

Like all Donzi models, this too can be customized and equipped with a large list of options and the choice of numerous hull colors.

In the cockpit of the control station with there are two fabulous and enveloping ergonomic seats that can be adjusted with large padding forwards that of the driver and the companion and immediately behind on a lowered bench with reinforced profile with ample legroom 2 more seats for passengers.

A very refined version is to coordinate the protrusions of the seams of the edges of the seats with the colors of the central and lateral bands of the boat.

A high-end stereo system is installed throughout the cockpit with stainless steel handrail. On occasion, the entire cockpit can be covered by a light black acrylic awning.

In the well-ventilated aft engine compartment you can choose to install a 8.2l Mecruiser V8 inboard 430 hp petrol engine, the classic 22 in this case is able to maintain a cruising speed of 55 mph (89 km / h ) with a top speed of 75 mph (121 km / h).

In conclusion, the classic Donzi 22 is a space-saving motorboat with exceptional performance and inimitable style. Own for these characteristics that the Donzi classics always labeled as the “pocket rockets” have won the admiration of many fans of the sector.

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