The great mystery of Triple Deuce


The 4Yacht Inc., founded in 2002 known as “Dream Makers” in the yachting world is a brokerage company that through its yacht professionals assist their clients in the purchase and sale of luxury yachts. Continua a leggere “The great mystery of Triple Deuce”

Il grande mistero di Triple Deuce

La 4Yacht Inc., fondata nel 2002 famosa   come “Dream Makers” nel mondo dello yachting è una società di brokeraggio   che attraverso i   suoi   professionisti   di yacht assistono i loro clienti all’acquisto e la vendita di yacht di lusso. Continua a leggere “Il grande mistero di Triple Deuce”

The Chrisco CNB sailing yacht 100 elegant and futuristic

For over thirty years, CNB Yacht in France has been constructing high-quality luxury yachts through the yard of Bordeaux sailing yachts. Among its constructions, still today, Chrisco CNB, 100, about 30 meters long, launched in 2009, is one of the most futuristic yachts built. Continua a leggere “The Chrisco CNB sailing yacht 100 elegant and futuristic”

Lo yacht a vela Chrisco CNB 100 elegante e avveniristico

Da oltre trent’anni CNB Yacht in Francia costruisce attraverso il cantiere   di Bordeaux   yacht a vela e a motori di lusso di grande qualità. Tra le sue costruzioni ancora oggi Chrisco CNB, 100 lungo   circa 30 metri varato nel 2009 rappresenta uno dei yacht più avveniristici costruiti. Continua a leggere “Lo yacht a vela Chrisco CNB 100 elegante e avveniristico”

Sailing Superyacht Baracuda Valletta

When inside a company there is the owner who also the creator of so many innovative patents in the industry where the company is definitely working, it has a greater gear than the others. A patent in itself is not a guarantee of commercial success but it surely represents a tool that increases the ability of a company to benefit from its own inventions. Continua a leggere “Sailing Superyacht Baracuda Valletta”