The Chrisco CNB sailing yacht 100 elegant and futuristic

For over thirty years, CNB Yacht in France has been constructing high-quality luxury yachts through the yard of Bordeaux sailing yachts. Among its constructions, still today, Chrisco CNB, 100, about 30 meters long, launched in 2009, is one of the most futuristic yachts built.

This thanks to the taste and the specific needs of the owner, passionate about avant-garde design and the availability and competence of CNB always ready to meet the most refined requests   sailors lovers of luxury  .

Luca Brenta designed the exterior of this futuristic yacht, while Wetzels Brown Partners of Amsterdam sign the interiors.

Chrisco CNB, 100 is a fabulous yacht of superior class of peculiar “French” elegance  designed in detail even before the construction began. In the end, the results were surprising with the construction of a fast, comfortable, unmistakable yacht that won numerous awards, including the prestigious International Superyacht Design Award 2009, Best Sail from 24 to 40 m.

The hull is made of balsa carbon sandwich and vinylester resin, is extremely light in gunmetal color and the decks are in beige teak. Even the furniture present were made with honeycomb sandwich panels for weight saving. Just like the 43 meter, long tree   made of carbon fiber.

Part of the main deck is    covered   by a deckhouse that is very large compared to the size of the hull made of 75 panels of bronzed crystal slab connected to each other that give the hull a futuristic configuration as well as great natural light for the interior. The deckhouse extends into a large cockpit set up with sun loungers and tables, but without maneuvering devices.

All hydraulic movement maneuvers are   hidden   and converge near the twin wheels of the wheelhouse. The winches present are automated and on command carry out all the winding maneuvers of the   entire  and I nstalled sail plan.

 Therefore the blanket is clean with the winches that when not used are locked in special lockers to avoid obstruction and danger to people.

In the absence of sail when only its engine powers the yacht can comfortably navigate at a speed of 10.5 knots.

 Another special feature is the ultra-modern interiors of Wetzels Brown Partners, which show a very contemporary but comfortable layout with all the spaces cleverly distributed and well used with the possibility that cabins usually used for night rest can    easily be turned into private rooms when there are fewer guests on board.

 The standard composition of the interiors includes a living room under the deckhouse,  a kitchen is located towards the stern under the cockpit floor. Just   after     the boat center towards the bow, there are two double c abins to accommodate guests, with the bat hrooms disengaged from a central corridor that ends in the extreme prow where the owner’s cabin is located. The latter has two 140×190 cm beds against each wall, a walk-in closet and a bathroom. All the beds can be      transformed into sofas.

At the stern extreme, after the kitchen, there is space for two crew cabins, one of which for the commander and a double with overlapped beds for sailors with two bathrooms with a specific of dining area.

For the details of the furnishings, materials such as carbon, linen leather and silk were used. The salon deserves a more detailed description because it undoubtedly represents the most exclusive and refined internal area that reflects the owner’s taste.

The floor is carbon black, the walls up to a certain height are white then they are  completed in the highest part with the bronzed color of the panels of the deckhouse’s crystals. Everything has been  designed so that the day room is illuminated directly by the light of the sunrays that pass through the glass panels of the deckhouse while in the evening in the absence of natural light the lighting is guaranteed by a series of LED lights that match perfectly with the colors black and white.

The lounge consists of a living area with dining chairs specially designed for the yacht and a seating area with a walled sofa seating up to eight people, with a wooden table.

Even if this yacht is born from explicit requests of the owner in close and constant collaboration with the shipyard and the designers, however, it emerges in every single detail   all the   class   recognized of yacht CNB

Main features

Manufacturer: Cnb, Bordeaux, France

Project: Luca Brenta & C. Yacht Designers (LBYD);

 Interiors: Wetzels Brow Partners; structural engineering Lbyd / De Ryvoire

Hull Length f.t. m 30.48;  length at waterline m 26.93;  6.82 m width; immersion m 4.20 + ballast kg 25.000; displacement 71,000 kg; surface area of ​​107% square meters 228; 288 sqm main area; Hall Spars tree m 43; asymmetric spinnaker surface 822 square meters; composite rigging (Future Fibre Pbo); double cabins 3; 3 bath rooms; crew cabins 2; crew beds 3; fuel reserve 3.600 liters (2 tanks); water reserve 1,600 liters (2 tanks); directional propeller in the bow cv 35.

ENGINE A Cummins turbodisel • mod. Qsm11 • 4-stroke • direct injection with electronic control • 6 cylinders in line • bore x stroke mm 125 x 147 • displacement 10,800 cc • power   400 hp  (298 kW) • regime 2,100 rpm • dry weight kg 1,184 • weight ratio / power 2.96 kg / hp

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