If a shipowner wants to make the yacht of his dreams where the needs are met and exceeded the first thing to do and identify the right design team. Another aspect to be taken into account in the construction of a level boat is the synergistic contribution of teamwork combined with a skilled and experienced workforce, which is why the choice of  shipyard is also fundamental.


Indeed some ship owners select only the shipyard. The building site then based on the needs expressed by the owner chooses the designers who can be inside or outside the company. This is the case of the Evolution 42-meter long sailing yacht that was born from the interception of a whole series of needs collected among the new generation owners from Perini Navi, a company among the world leaders in the construction of sailing superyachts.

These owners ask for large boats with a sporty exterior style with performance, comfort and easy navigation without stress for long distances in total autonomy . To meet these needs, Perini Navi has asked for collaboration with the innovative American firm Reichel / Pugh, famous for its performance boats and because it manages to translate customers’ dreams into reality through designs that always use the most advanced technologies.

In the last decade, few design companies in the world have reached the level of success of Reichel / Pugh Yacht Design, this studio has designed the lines of the hulls of the regatta and sailboats that are among the most exceptional that now sail in our seas .

At the end of the works’ Evolution will also be the first boat of the Italian shipyard built entirely of aluminum.

In this regard, Fabrizio Sgariglia, sales manager of Perini Navi, has issued the following statement: “We have identified an important market segment, motivating the choice of the new 42-meter E-volution in that type of shipowners who turn to boats over 30 meters to meet the desire for large journeys in total autonomy. The Evolution project satisfies their needs by combining great performance, autonomy and a very high internal comfort “.


For this boat Perini Navi renounces its classic style with the unmistakable design of the deckhouse, the curved windows and the large fly bridge.

The project involves a certain change of shape with a hull with very slender lines with lifting keel with the deck completely clear with all the maneuvering devices hidden and simplified despite the presence of a powerful sail plan with a carbon fiber mast. A peculiarity of this yacht is the presence of a large cockpit covered with a deckhouse consisting of a skylight and transparent side surfaces. Under this deckhouse there is a living and sitting area a very exclusive elegant and comfortable environment immersed in natural light by day with a sea breeze that enters directly from the outside from the side windows of the deckhouse.

At the stern of the deckhouse as well as the pair of rudders there are plenty of space for relaxation as well as at the bow. The aft area on command opens and two side staircases appear, with a first platform that can also be used as a sundeck and a second one with  steps of the same length that allow easy access to the water for guests. The interiors are designed to accommodate a maximum of ten guests. Under the stern there is the main suite and two guest cabins, a fourth cabin is located in front of the engine room. There is also space for a fifth cabin that can also be used as a room for film screenings.

But the real characteristic of this boat is found in its flexible hybrid propulsion system a great innovation developed by Perini Navi for E-volution “E” stands for electric that combines a main diesel engine with an electric motor.

In this regard, the naval architect Jim Pugh stated: “The diesel-electric transmission PROJECT E-VOLUTION will allow a silent navigation and a range of 3,200 nautical miles at ten knots, thanks to a total fuel capacity of 20,000 liters”. “The yacht will offer an exceptional balance and seaworthiness, combined with a well-balanced and well-proportioned sail plan.”

In recent years Perini Navi has further expanded its range, also dedicating itself to motor boats and this sophisticated hybrid hybrid propulsion system will also be mounted on a 25-meter motorized support boat called the Eco Tender .

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