The term GTS, similar to cars, means boats built in small series for customers looking for luxury and comfort with better performance, but also suitable for long distances.

 An experienced sailor owner asked for a boat with the best possible performance and maximum comfort of the type GTS that Perini Navi is making with the construction of its second super yachy, a 42 meter sloop in the E-volution line. Compared to the first E-volution model  standards have been made a series of innovative features that will offer the owner a perfect combination of navigation performance and offshore cruising ability between luxury and comfort.

To increase the performance, interventions have been planned to significantly reduce the displacement compared to the standard version made of aluminum using a combination of lightened aluminum and carbon both to build of the deckhouse and accessories. Furthermore, the propulsion system and the structural features have been optimized

  Another substantial intervention was carried out in the development of the architecture designed by the innovative American study Reichel / Pugh including the keel that reaches 7, 40 of maximum draft. The sail plan, is certainly more relevant than that of the first version, provides a square top sail, an elongated boom and a 4-meter bowsprit to maximize the sail area. The carbon mast has been increased to Panamax height (62.5 meters). Everything has been realized in such a way that the shape of the hull, combined with an effective well proportioned sail plan, ensures the yacht an exceptional balance and seaworthiness.

As for the external design, the new project harmonizes with the characteristics of the standard model. The project includes a hull with very slender lines with the presence of a large cockpit covered with a deckhouse required by the slimmer owner less intrusive consisting of a skylight and transparent side surfaces

 At the stern of the deckhouse over as well as the pair of rudders there are plenty of spaces to relax and sunbathe so also in the bow . The stern area ancher for this model on command also opens and appear two side stairs with a first platform can also be used as a sundeck and a second led by  steps of the same length that allow easy access to the water for guests. The interiors will be developed by the GCA studio in Barcelona in collaboration with Perini Navi. The settings  will be chosen keeping in mind the indications of the new owner and light to guarantee the required performances. Also on this boat will be installed the new flexible hybrid propulsion system a great innovation developed by Perini Navi for E-volution “E” stands for electric that combines a main diesel engine with an electric motor.

The delivery to the owner of this boat the first unit of the GTS series, the second in the E-volution line is expected in the spring of 2021. In this regard, we report the comment of the president and CEO of Perini Navi, Lamberto Tacoli:

“We are extremely excited about this new sale, which completes an important year for our shipyard”. “We have great confidence in the 42m GTS E-volution project because it represents the perfect synthesis of comfort and performance and we are pleased that the line is so successful in this important market segment.”

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