Falcon Rig 92 m the new Perini Navi sailing superyacht

After his celebrated and successful sailing yacht Maltese Falcon (88 m) Perini Navi after 13 years is preparing to build a new yacht that uses a DynaRig rig. Let us remember a revolutionary armo because once the sails are explained, the thrust of the boat is propelled by rotating the trees. For the first time the maneuvers are performed not by acting on the sails but on the mast. This was made possible through a complex electric / hydraulic system consisting of motors, sensors, automatic winches and more, all controlled by a complicated on-board computer that automatically processes all the navigation parameters and plans the maneuvers through the rotation of the shafts and is possible so that even a single person can manage the navigation of the entire boat. This rig was conceived in the late 1960s developed in Germany by engineer Wilhelm Prolls who never had the chance to verify his practical construction. This technology was then renamed Falcon by an American investor who bought the patent rights from the German government.

For the first time this rig has been successfully used on the Maltese Falcon and then on the Black Pearl also because in the meantime modern technologies have been developed and new materials such as carbon fiber and composites have been developed which have allowed the creation of robust rotating shafts , balanced and self-supporting, light and elegant, fundamental to realize such a rig.

This new boat will be built thanks to a letter of intent already signed with a shipowner announced by Lamberto Tacoli, President and CEO of Perini Navi at the press conference held on 25 September 2019 at the Yacht Club of Monaco which foresees the construction of a 92-meter Falcon Rig.

In the same conference the first two years were analyzed from the entry of the new property and the new management, illustrated the economic data of the boats under construction and the strategic lines to be pursued for the next few years among these it is the Company’s intention to develop a new range of boats called Gallery Falcon Rig, inspired by the Maltese Falcon, which extends from 56 meters to 92 meters more precisely, involves the construction of 6 models a 52 m, a 64 m, a 72 m, an 80 m and finally a 92 m one to to carry out soon.

To Riguardo Lamberto Tacoli, he commented:

The balance of these two intense and demanding years of work is definitely positive. The market is rewarding us and the three Letters of Intents for a 92m Falcon Rig, a 47m Evolution and a 74m motor are the confirmation. We look to the future with optimism and enthusiasm, animated by the same spirit with which Perini Navi revolutionized the nautical world almost forty years ago. We are happy to present to the market the new Gallery Falcon Rig born precisely in Perini Navi with the iconic Maltese Falcon, a whole range of products that thanks to the latest generation technologies, to the contemporary stylistic features and unprecedented volumes will mark a new opportunity in the world of large sailing ships. Thanks to Ora Ito for reinterpreting our 56m with its eclectic style “.

In fact, Perini Navi has been developing for years the heir of the famous Falcon Maltese sailing yacht with a new boat that optimizes the size and aerodynamics of the sail plan and the length of the waterline for greater efficiency and speed. Now he will finally be able to realize his new concept of Falcon Rig sailing superyacht which also includes the creation of new superstructures to make life on board even more comfortable while maintaining the unmistakable style of the Company.

In particular, on the 92-meter Falcon Rig, the stern area is characterized by a terrace that folds back to the sea, offering spaces with exceptional comfort with a large beach club that increases the space on board to sunbathe and relax and the stairs that lead to a bathing platform to facilitate access to the water. Another innovation is the presence of an owner’s suite that occupies an entire upper deck. The distinction between the internal and external part of the boat is deliberately very veiled, the cockpit and the saloon is on one level only and are joined together to increase the liveability between the external and internal spaces.

This new Falconi Rig has an optimized rig for fast navigation consisting of a sail system with independent rotating self-supporting carbon masts with square sails and curved yards, with a total sail area of ​​2400 square meters. The automation of the sails peculiar characteristics of the yard is supported by new generation winches to guarantee the management of this powerful and simpler and safer sailing yacht. The spaces inside and out are finished items thanks to a careful research of the materials used and to the attention to details and the refinement of each element, in particular for this sailing superyacht there is also a great use of glass to set up the staircase main one that crosses the four bridges all for the benefit of the brightness of the interior.

Precisely because it is the intention of the Company for the coming years to develop the entire range of the Gallery Falcon Rig but also to make available and collaborate not only exclusively but with all the shipyards and designers who, on behalf of their owners, will want to make Falcon Rig from last generation was established, a strategic partnership between Perini Navi, Dykstra Naval Architects and and Magma Structures . Three companies that have accumulated a great deal of experience and created specific technologies in the development and practical construction of the DynaRig rig having created the two sailing superyachts that now sail our seas with this type of armament.

Evidently, all these companies need collaboration to overcome all the complications not only for the construction of the rig but also to face all the conditions in the event of irregular system operation starting from the on-board computer and as the late Tom Perkins claimed, owner who on the proposal of the engineer Fabio Perini first chose this innovative rig for his boat “it is not enough to create the rig but then it must be made to work”. 

Only through a team work between Perini Navi and its partners have they succeeded in overcoming new difficulties never faced before the Maltese Falcon, which is not only a sailing ship, but is a watershed between the new and the old way of managing a sailboat .

In regard to the managers of these three companies they have issued the following declarations.

Burak Akgül, Perini Navi’s chief business development officer:

“When Tom Perkins chose the Dyna Rig for his third Perini, it marked a major turning point. In June 2006, the first time the Maltese Falcon opened its sails and sailed, it was obvious to everyone that the technology created by Perini Navi and his partner would have represented a real watershed. Today, through this joint venture, we combine our skills in terms of technology and innovation to expand the Falcon Rig fleet born within Perini Navi, opening up new opportunities for ship owners who like to sail in this extraordinary way ”.

Thys Nikkels, managing director of Dykstra Naval Architects:

“Our passion for innovation in the sailing world has led us to participate in the creation of some of the most fascinating yachts. Combining our experience with that of this new team, we hope to pave the way for yachts that are easier to maneuver and safer. We want to fascinate a new generation of shipowners “.

Damon Roberts, technical director of Magma Structures:

“Pioneer in the production of rotating, balanced and self-supporting shafts, Magma Structures is pleased to be part of a team that will bring Dyna Rig technology to higher levels in terms of performance and elegance. This collaboration will allow you to enjoy even more sailing on mega yachts “.

We just have to wait for the water trials of this new 92-meter Falcon Rig a Gallery Falcon Rig superyacht for a now obvious comparison with its already glorious older brother the Maltese Falcon.

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