Falcon Rig 92 m the new Perini Navi sailing superyacht

After his celebrated and successful sailing yacht Maltese Falcon (88 m) Perini Navi after 13 years is preparing to build a new yacht that uses a DynaRig rig. Let us remember a revolutionary armo because once the sails are explained, the thrust of the boat is propelled by rotating the trees. For the first time the maneuvers are performed not by acting on the sails but on the mast. This was made possible through a complex electric / hydraulic system consisting of motors, sensors, automatic winches and more, all controlled by a complicated on-board computer that automatically processes all the navigation parameters and plans the maneuvers through the rotation of the shafts and is possible so that even a single person can manage the navigation of the entire boat. This rig was conceived in the late 1960s developed in Germany by engineer Wilhelm Prolls who never had the chance to verify his practical construction. This technology was then renamed Falcon by an American investor who bought the patent rights from the German government. Continua a leggere “Falcon Rig 92 m the new Perini Navi sailing superyacht”