The Falcon Maltese sailer

Tom Perkins, an American billionaire, an electronic engineer, who died in 2016 in California at the age of 84, a computer enthusiast, formerly president of the Hewlett-Packard Digital Age promoter, will certainly be remembered for his professional and entrepreneurial successes and has commissioned At the Perini Navi by Ken Freivokh, the sailing super sailor Falcon Maltese is still today the most impressive nautical masterpiece in the world.

The 88 meter (88 m) Maltese Falcon is currently the fifth largest private sailing boat in the world, but it is a rapidly evolving classification and is one of the most complex and beautiful boats that are now sailing on the sea. It was launched in 2006 and over time has earned numerous awards for its innovative design and shaft rotation technology, which follow the wind direction through a complex electro-hydraulic system and automatic winches .The system is controlled by a sophisticated on-board computer that instantly detects and automatically processes all navigation parameters and schedules maneuvers to be made, and it is also possible for a single person to handle the entire boat. The same system then lets sail the sails in minutes.

Determinant was the realization of this beauty floating the meeting of the American billionaire with the engineer Fabio Perini at that time known for his many original patents in the automation of paper-making machinery.

Experience that has since been transferred to the nautical sector by the true passion of the engineer who in 1983 founded Perini Navi a shipyard specialized in the design and construction of luxury sailing boats automated. Among the most original inventions created by engineer Fabio Perini, inspired by machines that envelop paper, is certainly the system of automatic winches, powered by electronically controlled electric motors, which allow large sailboats to be maneuvered by a crew Reduced Perini Navi has now become the world’s leading company in the field.

Of course, these technologies have been transferred to the Maltese Falcon, and more, such as the on-board computer software created for some instructions directly by the American computer enthusiast.

  Computer comand  of the the Falcon Maltese sailer

However, the Falcon Maltese beyond for its technology is unmistakable for its harmonious elegance in advancing on the sea is a show and a party both when it crosses off than when moored in some harbor.

The boat can accommodate up to 12 walkers is characterized by a steel hull and aluminum superstructures with its three 58-meter high carbon rotating shafts. A true novelty is the four-carbon carbon spiers that explain occupy an area of ​​2,400 square feet that have proved to be superior to those guaranteed by the now widespread triangular sails, thus opening a new era in the history of sailing. Navigation is also powered by two Deutz 1,800 hp diesel engines with a maximum speed of 20 knots. The three bridges are joined by a circular staircase surrounding the main shaft and creates a spiral effect. The interiors are essentially made up of a main salon with a large dining room ably disengaged from other spaces and illuminated by pedestrian skylights of the upper floors. To sleep there are five cabins on the lower deck and one on the upper one with a private bath area and direct access to the mega yacht’s wheelhouse.

For leisure, the Falcon Maltese carries two 32 foot tender (water skis), four sailboats and a 14-foot tender. In addition to diving gear, there is also a private submarine to explore the bottom of the sea. Even today, there is no reliable news on what this boat did, even though acclaimed voices say that the cost of the boat alone is around $ 150 million. In an interview to deny some news in that regard, the same computer businessman said that everything was worth over $ 150 million and under $ 300 million including board equipment including the submarine.

The most disturbing thing is that Tom Perkins in March 2008 just two years after the launch of Falcon Maltese sold it for $ 165 million. To find the buyer, the billionaire had to wait more than a year and settle for “just say” of the figure of just 120 million dollars.

On the other hand, just Perkins said immediately after the sale. “It took a long time, it is not the best time to sell it.” Still there is still a mystery alone on the real reason why the billionaire got rid of the boat so hurriedly. Apart from the role played by volubility, at the time it was said for its new interest in deep-sea submarines in particular it was very impressed by a submarine designed by an English engineer. Undersea who in any case also used to explore the backdrops from Falcon Maltese, which is said to be one of his favorite toys and not included in the sale of the boat.

Later, the billionaire confirmed this new passion through the following statement: “My pleasure comes from the technical and aesthetic challenges of new yacht projects as well as cruise on board the finished boat. I would now like to indulge my interest in “sporting” submarines and perhaps to build a specialized boat to be used as a carrier. “

The new owner of the boat since 2009 is the 50-year-old blond woman Elena Ambrosiadou with a personal fortune of £ 200 million, the hedge queen known for creating one of the most successful investment funds in the world A woman who owns a maxi-yacht of these proportions. It is difficult to know the reasons that led a powerful business woman to buy such a boat, but certainly attracted the attention of all sailing enthusiasts and not only, surely increasing popularity because Falcon Maltese is not just a sailing ship, but it’s a watershed between the new and the old way to handle a sailing boat.

Technical details the Falcon Maltese sailing ship

Manufacturer: Pernini Navi;

Exterior & Interior Styling: Ken Freivokh design

Total length: 88m; Width: 12.6m;

Displacement: 1240 tons

Engines: 2 x 620 Deutz TBD

Guest cabins: 6

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