Fearless 28 a very special motor boat

It is not the first time that an automotive company has an interest in activities other than the core business and engages in the construction of boats and yachts. 

For example, the famous car manufacturer of the three-pointed star like Mercedes in collaboration with the English shipyard Silver Marine has created the Arrow460- Granturismo yacht, where it has tried to transfer all the experience and technology gained on cars in the nautical sector, including shapes and proportions. Then, through the Mercedes-Benz Style brand, he created helicopters, glasses, lamps and more.

Toyota‘s Japanese also seem to be aiming to conquer new markets from cars to high seas yachts.

Pininfarina, an important design brand known mainly in the automotive world at the request of shipyards and shipowners every now and then borders on the nautical one, collaborating in the design of important boats, even of a certain size.

Many brands have done everything to build motor boats that recall the world of sports cars, among the best built to date is certainly the Fearless 28 which was born from the collaboration of Fearless Yachts based in Miami with the German Porsche Design team.

The boat is the result of a splendid team work, where the two companies with their skills in two different sectors put together for a common project have created a real masterpiece a perfect connection between marine and automotive experiences.

The first model was built in 2007 and still retains its charm in its entirety and no other boat built looks so much like a sports car.

The 27.5 feet (8.4 m) long and 8.5 feet (2.59 m) long boat has a lightweight fiberglass hull with carbon reinforced sides that curve over the deck with a perfect junction between hull and deck that descends to the water to lower the center of gravity of the boat and increase stability.

This shape, designed by Porsche Design with the same approach with which a top-level car is designed, makes the boat unique in its kind that strongly recalls the automotive style of the Porsche Carrera GT.

Not only aesthetics Fearless Yacht and Porsche Design together have built a dream boat, where luxury and performance are perfectly integrated with a pleasant, comfortable, safe driving thanks to a double-step deep V hull that ensures the right stability and maneuverability also at high speeds.

The cockpit of the command post protected by a low profile windshield is the classic one with a simple and functional and not overly complicated comfort, exclusively designed to provide a feeling of safety on board with the first two sports seats and wrapping forward and immediately behind on an ergonomic lowered bench with reinforced profile with ample legroom and three more seats.

A splendid non-slip teak wood covers the bottom of the passenger compartment and the engine hatch the rest of the boat has a smooth silver exterior with an exceptional finish of the same level or higher than a supercar, a show for even the most demanding navigators.

In the interior and cabin, the Fearless 28 has a high-end stereo system consisting of an XM satellite radio, AM / FM radio, CD player, DVD and an i-Pod docking station.

 In the stern engine compartment we find a 625 hp Dodge Viper, V10 inboard engine converted and equipped for maritime use that pushes the boat at a maximum speed of 90 mph. With the same 550 hp engine you can instead reach the maximum speed of 80 mph. Setting a cruising speed of 40 mph the boat’s range is 164 miles not bad.

The goal was to build an unmistakable luxury motor boat with aesthetics that very much recall the automotive style of the beautiful, fast, and easy to drive sports supercars with a large space to relax on the deck where guests can sunbathe or dive into the sea thanks to a beautiful and functional stern platform, in the end the result was truly amazing. Even today, 13 years after its first model in the water, it is one of the most esteemed motor boats and admired.

In this regard, Jeffrey Binder, CEO of Fearless Yachts, has made the following statement:

“The luxury of owning a Fearless yacht could only be compared to the lifestyle of the international James Bond jet set.”

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