The sailing ship Mystery – Nautor Swan 112 RS


The sailing yacht Mystery is a Nautor Swan 112 RS built in 1999  it is still considered one of the most luxurious in the world today. Available for rental is always kept to the top of the conditions and in years it was always subject to extensive renovations including engines revised in the winter 2015/16. Continua a leggere “The sailing ship Mystery – Nautor Swan 112 RS”

Yacht Invictus 370GT a nice handsome elegance

With the realization of the Italian Invictus Invictus 370 Yacht brand wants to expand the GT series range of boats in order to consolidate its position on the market after the huge international success of the realization of a series of small and medium sized boats appreciated for the beauty, comfort and performance. Continua a leggere “Yacht Invictus 370GT a nice handsome elegance”

The perfect posture of women

The first judgment that is given to a woman depends largely on the way he moves, the way she walks, like climbing the stairs, as he sits, like in and out of a car, as it runs. All this is very important to judge whether a woman is safe, relaxed and that arouses sympathy and admiration in those around her. In summary, the behavior of women is one of the essential elements of elegance and aesthetics.
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Rivamare the most beautiful boat in 2016

When it is born, a new boat can never be similar to another, even if the temptation to rebuild seconds the canons of a model that found the most favor is great. Because the new for many it is also the best. Continua a leggere “Rivamare the most beautiful boat in 2016”