Rivamare the most beautiful boat in 2016

When it is born, a new boat can never be similar to another, even if the temptation to rebuild seconds the canons of a model that found the most favor is great. Because the new for many it is also the best.

Companies that manufacturers know this and although they have already designed almost perfect boats, are always looking for new solutions. All this happens because in the meantime new technologies and new materials become available for the sector.

Of the above proof is Rivamare a new boat of the famous Riva brand that has been designed by Ferretti Group with Italian Design Workshop, to meet the needs of shipowner accustomed to new technologies. Everyone knows Riva icons of luxury Italian boat with 174 years of activity behind founded in 1842 in Sarnico on Lake Iseo.

The site experienced its heyday in the 50s and 60s when the Engineer Carlo Riva Aquarama creates the wooden motorboat recognized by all coma the most famous in the world.

Alberto Galassi CEO of Ferretti Group, which in 2000 bought the brand Riva, said the following: “We have lived with emotion the birth and construction of the new Rivamare extraordinary. A masterpiece that has taken shape in our Sarnico, completely renovated, with a production line dedicated exclusively to the new model, which continues the dream of Carlo Riva always build the most beautiful boat. It ‘a glimpse into the future, forged in Riva tradition a born hull to be memorable. A boat that can drive anyone with two fingers, even if one has never been on a boat. It is a way to increase privacy, you can leave port without a day on board there should be the captain. “.

11,88 meters long, 3,50 meters wide at the Rivamare seamlessly integrates technology with the performance and elegance and sophistication and the sinuous and flowing lines of the hull remain anchored in the tradition of the brand together with some details such as the pair of headlights for the mooring at night to anchor the sides as well as the casing in chrome-plated aluminum alloy which holds the signal trumpet and a rod mahogany where hang the banner Riva always in the tradition of the shipyard.

In the lateral view shows strong the angle of the keel and the straight bow, ready to sail the waters. The sides can be of different colors to choose from like white very elegant ice although the most popular is the London gray metallic.

The wood chosen for the foredeck is the classic polished mahogany painted 20 times by hand like 50 years ago with non-slip devices.

The cockpit is a cabin that protects and repairs with sofas and armchairs where there are all transportable 8 people mahogany table that opens, if necessary together with a retractable awning electro movement. The lockers are of mahogany also within them.

The aft hatch flips it becomes a comfortable beach which facilitates the entry into the water. Under the interiors they are developed foredeck. Initially we find a kitchenette that includes a sink, a hob a microwave and other amenities together special mahogany compartments for plates and glasses.

Continuing we find a bathroom with a separate shower and a sofa at the top that follows the shape of the hull converts to double bed. The cabin is open to the sky protected by a sun visor, or may be completely obscured by a mobile roof operable electrically.


The boat propulsion is achieved through two Volvo Penta D6 400 400 hp sterndrive engines each, with built-in buoyancy control via foot trim management and interceptor (the boat’s trim changes automatically at different speeds) that do reach the boat a also the integrated propulsion system Volvo top speed 40 knots allows to moor and to pilot the speedboat with a joystick.

The price of the new Rivamare starts at 750.000 Euros and goes up to a million with an option.

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