The sailing ship Mystery – Nautor Swan 112 RS


The sailing yacht Mystery is a Nautor Swan 112 RS built in 1999  it is still considered one of the most luxurious in the world today. Available for rental is always kept to the top of the conditions and in years it was always subject to extensive renovations including engines revised in the winter 2015/16.

 It is a sailboat symbol of sailing enthusiasts because forever everything that means “Swan”, an ancient brand of great tradition, means having a boat that has just something else, where elegance is perfectly integrated with speed. The first Swan was built in 1966. It all begins with the encounter of the then young Finnish entrepreneur Pekka Koskenkyla with newyorkese Rod Stephens of passage for Finland and a great expert in the design of a pleasure yacht brother of the already famous yacht designer Olin Stephens. Pekka Koskenkyla’s idea was to build a fast, luxuriously luxurious 36-foot sailboat finished in the smallest details.

 Finnish enthusiasm convinced Stephen of New York to create a historic collaboration between Jacobstad’s Finnish Nautor yard with the New York Sparkman & Stephens studio. Another great intuition was to use the material fiberglass that was still in the experimental phase right from the beginning of the construction of the boat.

The first Swan was a 36 foot, bought by an English ship-owner in 1967, passionate about sailing competitions. The Englishman with this boat won numerous and important regattas, recalling all the enthusiasts of the Swan brand and consecrating fiberglass as a material to be used in the construction of fast boats. Then the production widened with a 37 feet and then with a 41 foot, more elegant and performing.

 The Swan recognizes the merit of having always crafted boats with the ear attentive to those that are the advice of all enthusiastic sailors, who perceive the same principle as regards elegance and speed. Over time, the yard has undergone profound transformations with the construction of other types of boats and with the collaboration of other designers. In fact, in 1979 comes the designer German Frers, but Swan style does not vary.

The entry of the Nautor yard into the construction of the largest luxury boats starts with the production of the Swan 55, to meet the many demands of ship-owners who demanded ever larger boats that can be easily conducted with impeccable interior. The shipyard peculiarity did not change even after the acquisition of Nautor by the group headed by Leonardo Ferragamo in 1998, a passionate sailing Italian entrepreneur who has always been impressed by the beauty and elegance of the boats built by the Finnish yard.

 Mystery- Nautor Swan 112 RS is one of the great luxury models where it is concentrated, all the experience gained in the industry from this great and historic yard expression of centuries of naval tradition in Finland. The interiors were designed directly by the yard team while the exterior design by Germán Frers all in the consecrated style of “timeless beauty”. The hull has been structured to ensure safety, performance, weight saving and maximum interior volume with elegant exterior lines and sophisticated interior spaces luxuriously furnished to create an atmosphere with maximum comfort. Along 34.30 meters with a 7.40 meters  bundle is available for charter cruises worldwide where guests can take part in sailing navigation or let the crew do their job alone. Together with the captain then you can plan your own unforgettable and peaceful sailing holiday exploring the most beautiful islands and coasts in the world.

Mystery hosts up to 8 guests in 4 rooms, including a master suite, two double cabins. It is also able to carry up to 4 crew members on board to ensure a unique and unforgettable experience on luxury yachts. Obviously the propulsion of the boat is also guaranteed through an MTU 6R 183 T engine at a cruising speed of 11.7 knots and 10 cruising speeds. Almost all maneuvering winches are hidden except 6 visible on the deck, and when it is stationary, the entire area becomes safe and relaxing, usable for any fun. Guests can board either through a hydraulic automatic passageway with aft handrail or side boarding ladder.

The spacious cockpit is equipped with awning, which can be removed if needed to facilitate fast navigation. A large garage equipped with aft inflatable boats allows guests to explore beaches or saddle places where the yacht cannot moor or practice skis or other water sports. For guests returning late at night, they are supported by bright lights installed underneath the water. For guests returning late at night, they are supported by light lights installed under the water in the back of the hull. In short, everything is required by a boat, for those who can afford it, to spend relaxing days of holiday and enjoy the marvels of the sea.

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