Cigarette Marauder 50 SS the sea fireball

Who buys fast boats by spending a lot of money, perhaps the same or more than the ones needed to purchase a luxury yacht with booths and sundeck, are not only millionaires but love the strong emotions offered by the speed you perceive by driving a Boiling water on the water. Speed ​​that is perceived in a different way from the one you notice on the ground by driving a supercar with its hair in the wind.


Usually to describe this type of boat we must always start from the numbers. In the case of Cigarette Marauder 50 SS we must start from these. Let’s just say that this is the latest model of others whose final goal of the American shipyard that has designed it is to reach a speed of over 100 knots for a boat made in series and not in competition.

The hull is 15.72 meters long and only 2.44 meters wide and weighs 6,441 Kg, the tank can hold up to 1,149 liters of fuel. In addition, the hull was constructed with reinforced masonry and a hull, especially in the part remaining in the water and with various steps , one at the center of the boat and two other seats to the aft sections to facilitate the planing control. On the stern in the lower part of the hull are installed two 1,350 cv Mercury engines supercharged by two suitably offset turbines to get them into the hull width. The navigation system approaches 7,500 Kg and thus has a weight / power ratio of 2.7 Kg per cv. Really numbers from formula 1 of the sea.


Accurate and comfortable stable you immediately get to touch scary speeds without warning you to go so loud. The maximum power is between 6,000 and 6,500 rpm with a peak speed of 105 knots, of course for those who have the courage and driving experience to arrive at this speed. Although everything has been done to make the drive, with duplicate controls, stable and secure at high speeds, it is best to gradually acquire the necessary mastery of the boat before touching high speeds. The free edge of the boat is just 1.27 meters high and the lateral hulls of the hull are strengthened because when planning, the landing can not always be soft and compound and instead of ending on the hull, it may peak on the side.

Undoubtedly, those who buy such a boat are certainly not going to do the trip on Sunday with the family, although the boat has five comfortable armchairs that invite guests to sit while sailing. It is a recommended boat for those who like to go on a boat with some gait, for enthusiasts already accustomed to speed on water and they have a good bank account, bearing in mind that the boat price is approaching $ 2 million And that they spend on average about 1,800 dollars per hour at sea at a speed of 60 knots.

The boat plans already at 24 knots and with ease without almost adjusting anything with a slightly positive trim it comfortably reaches 60 knots. If you decide to go faster to 80 knots and more you have to give gas gradually and wait for the hull to get speed clearly in this case the attention to the navigation course must be maximum because we can immediately reach other boats that before sinking the handcuffs Of the gas maybe we had valued it very far and now with the speed reached the distance has been quickly filled.

The novelties of this model compared to other versions are that the cockpit has been moved backward, thus stretching the deck, the hull and deck lines are smooth to improve aerodynamics and the air intakes have been redesigned Of the machine room to optimize air flow to the engines.

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