The perfect posture of women

The first judgment that is given to a woman depends largely on the way he moves, the way she walks, like climbing the stairs, as he sits, like in and out of a car, as it runs. All this is very important to judge whether a woman is safe, relaxed and that arouses sympathy and admiration in those around her. In summary, the behavior of women is one of the essential elements of elegance and aesthetics.

Often a perfect beauty is marred by little graceful movements, while the opposite can happen, a woman not particularly beautiful buys charm and elegance because of the ease with which he moves.

Your gait, the way you move in the life of every day, is the most immediate aspect that you made and who does not know you, can get a first impression just by the way they see you walking.

The “style” varies from person to person and usually detects the temperament. Rapid gait, jerky, is the characteristic of a person restless and nervous; soft and relaxed gait of a person on the capacities weak, while a thick ancheggiante trend is the result of an exhibitionist character.

But how do you walk well? It may seem strange but to learn how to do it, first of all, learn to sit still. Without exaggerating, look at the entire mirror and check if the sides are the same and the shoulders are at the same height. You must start from this starting point to have a good posture. Also check that the neck is very straight and not stuffed in the shoulders. Then look sideways and check that the body line is straight. It is also necessary that the nape is perfectly aligned with the back. If the shoulders tend to bend the head, it moves forward. If the stomach tends to protrude, the upper part of the body must be dilated, compressing the lower part without raising the shoulders.

The common mistake of many women is to imitate the pitch of the mannequins in the show that we know is of course an artifact step, for professional reasons. Then a very important thing is that fashion models support before the tip of the foot on the ground while it is correct as of heel that has to lean a moment before the tip and eventually the whole foot should be flat on the floor all right.

Do not make the mistake of walking by a big pressure on the heel throughout your stride would be affected and goodbye lightly. So much for the legs and feet but all the body participates in the walking movement. Your shoulders, your arms, your head are critical to give our people an elegant bearing.

To conquer a perfect posture, shoulders should not follow the movement of the legs, but stay securely in place, straight. The nape must always be in line with the back; the head must not follow the movement of the legs, advancing at every step as the head of a giraffe, but remain firm with the chin slightly up.

The look has to go away; the eyes looking at the ground damage a sense of shyness and sadness, while a secure face of all that surrounds him is not afraid to look at everything with dignity.

The arms must be made, not overly move them back and forth, but only just enough to lightly follow the movement of the legs. And this habit always keep it even if you bring weights or if you walk in the city or on a bumpy road with right or excessively high heels for a special evening.

The wrong movements are gradually erased and replaced. If you want even now, you can experience the exact positions in the mirror, but not exaggerated, sembrereste posing and is thus lacking the natural elegance that is the first rule.

Finally, when it comes, this is a rule that applies to everyone, but it is essential for the feminine world, you must always use a gentle and paid voice, talking possibly clearly to be understood, and high enough to be heard. Never use coarse and pungent tones or haughty and awkward, always use a gentle and benevolent tone.

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