The most beautiful environments


 Even properly structured and finely furnished environments, such as the real salt, can be considered true masterpieces to be admired, the same way as a famous painting or a major statue, short of a good thing.


Following are shown a series of rooms, some antique others modern, but all, in my opinion, very beautiful.

The images you just admire them do not need comments. Just look at them and appreciate the details, brightness, style, elegance, beauty, to be amazed, elated, amazed, a real treat for the eyes.

Not even structures like Royal Palaces, Castles and Villas every year attracts millions of visitors from around the world all taken wing with their smartphones to capture through so many clicks, halls, lobbies, atriums and details of these structures designed in time by the best architects, usually surrounded by equally beautiful gardens, which preserve the history of the most important families in the world.

They appear to have been built to really live in a fantasy world

Some examples, in Italy we have the Royal Palace of Caserta a magnificent complex built between the eighteenth and nineteenth century and belonged to the royal family of the Bourbons. Proclaimed World Heritage Site by Unesco, it is visited each year by hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock indoors and have lovely gardens with their spectacular fountains.

In Paris, the Chateau de Versailles, this structure called by the French the Palace. In Germany there soni the castles of Bavarian King Ludwig II that attract tourists from around the world, while in London are Buckingham Palace. These are just a few attractions located within Europe.

In the United States of America, we have the famous White House and the Capitol, but around the world there are numerous attractions of this kind that tourists like to visit.


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