The most beautiful environments


 Even properly structured and finely furnished environments, such as the real salt, can be considered true masterpieces to be admired, the same way as a famous painting or a major statue, short of a good thing.
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Gli ambienti più belli.


Anche gli ambienti opportunamente strutturati e finemente arredati, come per esempio le sale reali, possono essere considerati dei veri e propri capolavori da ammirare, alla stessa stregua di un dipinto famoso o una statua importante, insomma di una cosa bella.
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Belfie the selfie to side B

The network has now been invaded by Belfie. After seflie comes the Belfie, in other words the craze to photograph the side b publish it on social networks this time comes from the union between bootie, which in plain English means sit, and selfies.
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