Belfie the selfie to side B

The network has now been invaded by Belfie. After seflie comes the Belfie, in other words the craze to photograph the side b publish it on social networks this time comes from the union between bootie, which in plain English means sit, and selfies.


To make a bielfie is very simple, just point your side B and take a picture. Now there are many girls on the net show their b-side through the Belfie.

This shows how women are keen to this part of the body that love to men. The desire to appear and then receive comments is too large.

The woman snaps with his smartphone its B-side up and then put on the company and you’re done. Social net work give the possibility to everyone to give free rein to our desire to perform.

The first star to appear on the web through Belfie was the actress and television personality Kim Kardashian and American entrepreneur and with Belfie made a real art.

The first Belfie made by the American star was standing at the window, and through a play of light very engaging and unveiled with the B-side to scream first plan did go crazy the web.

Then they all followed, models and actresses, proud of showing the buttocks, with self-portraits or with more or less artistic photos. Mania, of course, that could not infect everyday people.

It is often self-portraits made at home in the bedroom, in the kitchen to the bathroom many times with the help of a mirror.

Obviously many of these girls have the awareness of having lower back to the limits of perfection, so the web publish. 


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