On the women’s side b

We must not hide the man to very carefully to the side of women b. It happens frequently that shameless men also come publicly to make compliments to the lower back of a woman would seem that almost all would appreciate it.

It shows that women who are in a particularly rounded ass are doing everything to make it stand out especially through clothing. Over time they have established various definitions on the shape of the seat. Sit at the heart mandolin overturned these are just some definitions perhaps the most common, but there are still several inspired again according to the forms of behinds. A frequent question that feels thick time, but what is the perfect form which must have a lower back?

A recent survey call into question the 90-60-90 measurements that are considered the ideal measures which should have a woman to have a perfect body. In fact, this survey highlights that men prefer women who have a 45-degree angle between the back and the side b. Such an angle would create, in fact, sagging between the back and buttocks that would make men mad. Another survey on the same subject would have shown that women with a generous seat give birth to more intelligent children because the fat contained in that area is rich in docosahexaenoic acid which is a particularly important element for the development of the human brain.

In antiquity one side b prosperous was synonymous with fertility. Abundant hips support with greater force the child in the womb and as a result women with those characteristics would be more likely to have children.

In short, the seat can no longer be considered simply a part of the body, but a real “good”, that deserves attention and care. Many women tend to embellish their correct seats with gymnastic exercises, aimed at strengthening the muscles that make it up, but strengthen and tone the buttocks are one of the hardest things take a long time, orderliness and perseverance to train such large muscles.


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