In life, each of us tries to be realized through affection, love, status, aesthetic beauty, religion, art, poetry, power, money, spirituality and so on. Love is manifested in the value, which is expressed and personifies, is realized in partener.


Do not you ever tire of him, of his presence and you are hurting because we lack something important to stay away.

To man the value of the woman is expressed mainly in the beauty. Not only in the physical beauty, but also in the inner, spiritual, behavioral, in the availability, in the maternal tenderness, femininity, in the sex-appeal and so on.

Instead the woman look in man not only and not so much the physical one, by beautiful handsome youngster, but rather in that manly, intellectual, moral, prestige, power, social status and economic etc.

What makes sexy or sexually attractive woman in the eyes of men?


The face, the body shapes. Man feels particularly attracted by the external quality of the woman, the breasts well supported, and the protuberant buttocks, face, velvety skin, from the large and deep eyes, the generous mouth etc.

Even the voice, the look, the way you walk can constitute sexual attraction.

What constitutes a major cause for recall is the genuine desire, real, deep, love, affection, tenderness that lives in the woman.

What makes a man sexy eyes of the woman?

The woman, unlike man, is not very attracted to the external quality of man, it affects the way physical being of a man, but most fascinates him his way of doing, of being. The woman feels more sexually attractive a kind man who treats her with grace and having particular attention to her than just a beautiful man, muscular, who flaunts his power and physical presence. Obviously all this, fortunately, does not exhaust completely the subject matter, but poor men and poor women if everyone had the same tastes.

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