The skin and beauty produces


Extricate today, on the numerous “cosmetic” suggestions it is certainly not easy. If you open a women’s magazine, there are many tips, invitations, suggestions, to become beautiful, the most beautiful, ultra fine, super beautiful, beautiful.


So it happens that even the most confident women will make enchanted attracted by the lure of becoming the most beautiful and fall into the network of advertising promises. They buy the creams of the miracle they use it maybe three or four times in the evening and the awakening of the fifth morning they sentence the cream from the expected results. The miracle did not happen and a heavy sentence comes on the product and the manufacturer.

But in many cases the product is very good but did not give the expected results for two simple reasons. First of all the miracles do not happen today, especially in the field of beauty whose cultivation requires continuity.

Secondly, because a cream is not, never indifferently suitable for all skin types and skin of all ages. The skin before being treated by a cosmetic product should be subjected to a true study by competent or by a technical means.

The skin is never similar to itself. The today’s skin may be different from that of tomorrow or yesterday’s. Not only for the aging but for an infinite number of causes, such as stress, diet, climate etc.

A detergent that is fine in winter may be wrong in the summer. The cream that the expert has recommended to put all the nights, after a certain period of time will be even more effective if used every other day or twice a week.

But what are the basic criteria on which to determine the choice of a product?

Through the distinction between the various types of skins that can be normal, oily, dry and combination, although today there is also the possibility to simply make the difference between more or less pigmented skins (the pigment is the color of skin) that is between skins more or less sensitive, to blond, from red, to brown.

What does normal skin?

Compact smooth. It is not dry nor oily, or dehydrated. And ‘the so-called sweet skin, the skin of the dream, the skin of sixteen, the skin also many northern beauties who need very few cosmetic treatments.

How to recognize dry skin?

And ‘taut, fine, transparent, with small fine lines and the tendency to flake.

How to recognize oily skin?

It has a shiny appearance, enlarged pores and is very prone to acne and rashes.

Combination skin?

Combination skin is the most bizarre, dry on the cheeks, around the eyes, neck, shiny nose, chin, forehead. It ‘also the most boring to cure because it requires different products. Unfortunately many women today who have to deal with this skin type, but few are those who know her.

The appearance of the epidermis is undoubtedly a good starting point for finding the right products.

Sometimes it is not enough you need to know other skin reactions, and it is good to know that telling the skin means not only the part that we touch but his three states; the epidermis, that is the outer part, precisely; the dermis, the state, living where they circulate the nerves and blood vessels; the hypodermis, ie the state deeper in contact with the muscles.

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