Crystal chandeliers


For a long time, say several centuries, the chandeliers in addition to being useful for illumination bodies, were considered a symbol of elegance, beauty and class, and expressed the wealth, the opulence and power of the places and people.


In truth for the first antique chandeliers, Roman times, we can not talk about glitz, because it showed very basic and rudimentary and worked in oils, oil and fat of animals.

The first and real antique chandeliers were built from the Middle Ages, made of wood and metal suspended from the ceiling, then iron and brass.14355032_188938011540111_7983998014544591181_n

To speak truly of glitz linked to the chandeliers, we must start from the sixteenth century, when for the decoration of the chandeliers was begun to use the rock crystal, a transparent form of quartz, highly valued for its beauty and for the remarkable ability to refract the light because of its natural transparency. 14329901_1120028778063277_7018877134824962542_n

The soon crystal chandeliers were installed in all the Royal Palaces, churches in the castles and homes of distinguished men.

Chandeliers are no longer served only as of the profits of lighting structures, but they represented the characteristic image of the place where they were installed. Therefore built chandeliers, handcrafted with excellent workmanship, many even were unique pieces, were made course according to the architecture of the rooms to be illuminated.

An alternative to this elegant crystal developed with the discovery of lead crystal, in addition to being easier to cut, also had remarkable properties of light refraction. 14354956_1120028754729946_535381159598951448_n

With the time for the production of the chandeliers classic rock crystal was replaced by this new lead crystal. In addition to easier processing it went up significantly the production of chandeliers and considerably increased the houses where these lead-crystal chandeliers were installed. France and England became the nations, where these types chandeliers developed with thousands more in different shapes and designs.

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