Yacht Invictus 370GT a nice handsome elegance

With the realization of the Italian Invictus Invictus 370 Yacht brand wants to expand the GT series range of boats in order to consolidate its position on the market after the huge international success of the realization of a series of small and medium sized boats appreciated for the beauty, comfort and performance.

The main feature of these vessels is that they have of the hull with the bow “semi-down” so called because the upper part is presented upside down with respect to the traditional forms.

Invictus 370GT has a length of 11.40 meters and has all the credentials to confirm the success of previous boats. The bold shape of its bow semirovesciata its side profile with large windows makes it distinguished from others because of its distinctive look.

In truth, although the Invictus label is newly established these boats characterized by a special design, we have been realized thanks to the collaboration with the famous Christian Grande DesignWorks studio, which has a long experience in their design of these types of vessels and measures where reliability, flexibility, aesthetic care and performance are the typical constraints to satisfy.



Invictus 370GT comes with a long submersible stern bridge. The bow is made of quality fabric is surrounded by a railing to sunbathe safely even at sea. All surfaces in indoor as well as fiberglass and steel are enriched through the use of luxurious and high leather that make it unique in its details.

The boat has the semblance of a motorboat but it is a real yacht, where you can go on vacation and surfing charge on board for several days. The driving position has a cabin with three ergometer armchairs with side shields.

The cockpit is asymmetrical with a sofa for six people with a folding table. Tilting the back of the sofa aft develops another sunbathing area with no guardrail therefore not advisable to be used in navigation. In the cockpit there is also space for a mobile fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Below deck there is room to accommodate a family of four or five elements. The bow area can be set up in two configurations, for example with double cabin closet and refrigerator or a couch with a table, wet bar and a television. Either both the choice to create an elegant and comfortable environment.

Under the cockpit there are two other separate beds with the possibility of being able to combine to be much more comfortable. All interiors are lit by large windows continuous present in the hull sides. By the boat’s color you can choose from four colors, like white, gray, vanilla and dark wood.

Also for the propulsion of the craft are provided various types of inboard engines: as two turbodiesel Volvo Penta D4 300 hp each, or two Mercruiser 4.2 V8 from 370 hp for a top speed of 43 knots. In the future probably it will be also provided for the engine with petrol versions. The decision to use these types of very powerful engines are not only was made based on the speed you want to achieve but sull’allestimento entire boat bearing in mind that the stern area is very heavy because of the presence of the dashboard and submersible hydraulic generators . Consumption, with a speed of 30 knots using approximately 120 liters / hour.

Key features of Invictus 370GT

Overall length 11,40 m; Width 3,50 m; Displacement 6.900 kg

Max engine. 2 × 370 hp; Fuel tank 1.900 l

Water tank 1,180 l; People carrying capacity 12

Designer Christian Grande; Cantieri Aschenez

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