Sleep hygiene


Sleep hygiene is nothing more than a list of instructions useful if performed regularly is the first step in the treatment of insomnia. Are suggestions dictated by reasonableness that can bring benefits for all. But let us see what are these tips:


  1. Practicing regular physical activity;

  2. Make sure your room is comfortable dark and silent;

  3. Make it in your room there is a proper temperature;

  4. Eat regularly and do not go to bed hungry;

  5. Avoid drinking too much the night;

  6. Smoking disturbs sleep;

  7. Avoid alcohol especially in the evening;

  8. Eliminate all products that contain caffeine;

  9. Do not bring sleeping problems;

  10. The alarm under the bed or turn it so that it is not visible;

  11. Avoid afternoon naps;

  12. Get up at the same times every day.



Let’s see to comment along these sleep hygiene tips.


1) Physical activity should be done well before going to bed. The physical strain performed favor the onset and depth of sleep; OK!


2) A peaceful environment without noise reduces the likelihood of waking; For sure!


3) Too hot or too cold environment can affect sleep; Agree!


4) Hunger disturbs sleep. Avoid heavy fatty foods in the evening; Surely!


5) Reduce your intake of water or liquids in general limits the need to go to the bathroom at night; Without question!


6) Nicotine is exciting so try not to smoke in the evening; Sure!


7) Although alcohol helps some subjects to fall asleep because the awakenings in the night; True!


8) Food and drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate) can cause difficulty to ‘falling asleep waking at night, light sleep. Clearly!


9) Plan your schedule the next day, before going to bed. Concerns cause stress in contrast with falling asleep and causing a shallow sleep; For sure!


10) Watching the clock can cause frustration, worry, that interacts negatively with sleep; Of course!


11) Stay awake during the day helps you sleep at night; Undoubtedly!


12) A regular alarm clock in the morning helps set the body clock. No other!



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