Go to sleep

Good evening if you are here means that you need to sleep. Sit back and relax and let caress. Close eyes. Lie down on a soft bed or on a soft couch. Align your arms by your body.

Now that you’re lying comfortably I’d like you to linger on your breath. Concentrate on the rate at which inspire and exhale. Take deep breaths and slow simply slowing down the pace of your breath as you breathe and the mind and the body will begin to relax. Inspire slowly exhale slowly. Inspire slowly and exhale slowly. Again inspire slowly and exhale slowly now t’inizio stroking

movements with delicate face and neck and relax as you continue to think about the color green that leads to meditation and relaxation. I caress you gently to make you sleep. You relaxed and not thinking about anything. Free your mind of all thoughts. And ‘sweet be caressed. You caress with very light pressure and eyes with the tip of say the forehead and face, then down to her neck touching you. Quiet does not feel anxious thoughts as they come so they go do not be discouraged. Do not get caught with anxiety problems are solved now just relax right now is just for you. No thought should disturb your mind no thoughts can distract you from this moment. Quiet no hurry, the night does not last a minute now you can not do anything relaxed and not think about what you need to do tomorrow. Basically there is no problem, now there’s me that I caress you and I’ll help you find the serenity that seemed abandoning you. Do not worry about anything you’ve done to stay in power, results in the end there is no problem now it is I who accarezzo.Domani sure that will solve everything for you are a wonderful person, you simply have to find the strength and guadarti that is inside of you that supports you and will never leave you. Now abbondonati and let go completely. Go to sleep! Go to sleep! If you’re still asleep mentally count from 100 to 1; 100,99,98,97,96,95, if you lose the thread, not in port, it starts to count from where you do not get one to fall asleep. I’ll stay here in the meantime waiting for you sink into a sleep so tomorrow you wake up refreshed and reinvigorated with a smile ready to make the most of all that you have to face during the day.mare con luna in movimento

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