Processing fear

Whenever you feel afraid to try to do the following exercise. You can also work on a list of fears expressed by you.


Sit or lie down as a favorite and you hire a convenient location in a quiet place of the house, where no one can come to disturb.
Close your eyes.
Inhale deeply and slowly;
Exhale as quickly as possible
Inhale slowly and exhale rapidly
Once again
Inhale  slowly and exhale as fast as possible.
Take back now to breathe at a rate that would normally have.
Now analyzed all your physical body from the feet to the head say to find if there are parts of your body where it manifests the energy of fear. Fear can show itself in many ways as a strong stomach, physical discomfort, pain, an area of energy in a memory in a thought or even as a simple emotion of fear. If you can not find one of the fears you read from your list and try to find her still in your body. Once you find the fear in your body, simply observe it and not analyze it. Welcome it with favor and give it the welcome back. Let it grow and permettetela to speak to you. Watch it only if it turns into another emotion arises or in another part of the body. Now you allow yourself to approach and embrace the fear in whatever form it manifests. Give it importance of light and love and thank her for any task he had on you and being with you for so long, but now his job is finished release it and allow yourself to go to the source. Now breathe deeply inspired by a friend positive light energy that will protect you and there will never hurt you and as you exhale allow this light to fill the space where it was located fear. Inhale deeply and as you exhale slowly and allow the light to expand throughout your body and also around you. Now check if there is still fear in your body from head to say the feet. If there is still fear, repeat the exercise immediately. If there is, you can finish the exercise by opening the eyes and giving you a pretty far-fetched. You can repeat the exercise every day, always using your list of fears and end up in that there will be no fear in your life.


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