Mystic Powerboats C4000 comfort, functionality and performance

Mystic Powerboats is a shipyard that has become famous because it has built hulls for racing teams with some models made that have reached speeds of over 200 miles per hour.

The shipyard was founded in 1996 in Melbourne, Florida and then moved to DeLand, also in Florida, by John Cosker, American designer and builder, owner of Mystic Powerboats.

In particular, this brand consolidated its success when Dave Scott, owner of the Bud Select race team, a very influential figure in the racing world, commissioned the second C5000, a high-performance 50-foot catamaran, from Mystic Powerboats. Since then this brand has been even more highly regarded in the racing boat industry and in 2011 Mystic produced its first 50 foot boat for six customers. 

This unique model later helped the brand build pleasure boats by significantly increasing its customer base.

In 2013 Bill Tomlinson bought a Mystic boat and established a 223 mph pass at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. 

Then, a year later, Sheikh Hassan in his 50-foot Mystic Powerboats catamaran crossing the same basin as Lake Ozarks broke that record with a 244 mph (nearly 400 km / h) pass at the end of the one-mile course, despite conditions not optimal.

Both used Mystic catamarans, these two boats strengthened Mystic as the builder of the fastest offshore catamarans in the world.

Mystic Powerboats then began production of the C4400 offshore catamaran in response to requests for a smaller, more manageable version of the C5000.

Then upon building catamarans only Mystic Powerboats decided to produce their first high performance center console boat the M4200 with a V-hull and outboard motors.

Production of this boat began in 2015 to date it is the largest and fastest center console boat sold by Mystic.

Later came the M3800, another center console boat that retains the same look and style as the M4200 but smaller in size.

The latest production is a new catamaran, the C4000 these three models from Mystic: the M3800 and M4200 center consoles and the C4000 catamaran, are all powered by Mercury Racing outboard motors.

This new catamaran style boat, the C4000 has been set up with perfectionism and scrupulousness at the highest levels to satisfy customers who love luxury, elegance, comfort, functionality and performance.

The C4000 is a very easy boat to steer both at sea and when returning to the docks in tight spaces to tie it up and put out the fenders therefore the manufacturer ensures that to manage this boat you don’t necessarily have to have experience of offshore racing. In addition, it is a candidate to be the most comfortable even in rough waters.

The new C4000 built entirely of carbon fiber powered by two 450hp Mercury Racing 450R outboards during its Florida test reached speeds of 120 mph (193 km / h).

The boat is 43 feet 10 inches (13.4 m) long and 10 feet 11 inches (3.3 m) wide; weighs approximately 7,000 pounds (3,175 kg); fuel capacity 200 gallons (757 l).

This easy-to-use boat is perfect for both the pleasure of racing and enjoying a relaxing day on the water and in the sun, with the entire cockpit of the helm station covered in fabulous upholstery protected by a wraparound windshield that covers all occupants of the boat. boat.

The cockpit layout can be configured according to the customer’s needs but more generally the entire boat can be customized through the choice of different options. To create the interiors, you can decide between different color combinations in one color and two-tone of fine marine fabrics. Whatever the choice, the alternation of colors creates the overall classic elegant and comfortable atmosphere that smells of inviting fresh cleanliness.

The configuration suggested for the cockpit layout includes four individual bucket seats forward with a small bench immediately behind and a sundeck at the stern. All seats, with wide padding, are adjustable and customized sliding.

The two seats for the pilot and co-pilot are divided by a central support, where the throttle levers and the gearbox knobs and 2 cup holders are installed separately.

The cockpit also provides easy access to the water from the transom. You can walk the entire boat up and walk to the rear of the boat and enter the water without climbing over anything.

The boat is equipped at the highest levels and assisted by the latest generation electronics. It also features a power plate, plenty of storage space, underwater lights and cockpit lights. 

This catamaran powered by two powerful Mercury Racing 450R outboards, mounted at the end of the transom that goes down to the water, with favorable weather / sea conditions, is capable of exceeding 100 mph with a reliability and assurance that only these types of engines can offer.

This year 2021 it is John Cosker’s intention to present his new C4000 catamaran at events across the country in this regard has released the following statement:

“It’s lighter, so it’s more agile and accelerates more” “Switching from the 400R to the 450R was a big improvement for the boat, and switching from a conventional lay-up to carbon fiber is once again much more than an improvement. . It’s more fun. “