Fountain 47 Lightning safety, reliability and performance.

The quality high performance boats are built to ensure prompt acceleration and high speed in both calm waters and “rough” sea conditions. They are pleasure boats powered by powerful engines and set up according to the owner’s guidelines, which nevertheless retain all the characteristics of a racing boat with hulls tested in the hard circuits of offshore championships.

A niche, that of hyper-fast boats which is a typical passion of Americans, and few others in the world, nevertheless it is a very competitive sector with companies always attentive to new technologies and ready to hire the best professionals in the sector.

The Fountain Powerboats brand, strategically acquired in 2016 by Iconic Marine Group (IMG), is one of the most prestigious in the world in the production of exclusive high-performance boats. This is thanks to its founder, the American offshore champion Reggie Fountain Jr. who has been able to transfer all his experience accumulated over the years, piloting the fastest offshore motorboats in the world, in the design and construction of unique very high speed boats.

Particularly in the early 90s Reggie Fountain introduced a revolutionary design for his boats the Positive Lift Hull, a new type of bottom that increases acceleration, improves handling and agility when cornering and reduces fuel consumption.

This innovative design has remained the hallmark of Fountain boats over time since its initial development.

Currently Fountain Powerboat builds three types of boat ranges that include different models including the range of high performance boats where the new Fountain 47 Lightning is highlighted which is the final result of an improved project of a first model of Reggie’s introduced. on the market already at the end of the 90s.

47 feet 3 inches long, (14.5 m) and 9 feet wide, (2.7 m) with an estimated dry weight of 16,500 lbs, (7,484 kg) with fuel capacity 340 gallons, (1,287 l).

The new Fountain 47 Lightning has been modernized with all the new technology available in the water today starting with propulsion.

The double step positive lift hull was constructed from a hand laminated composite with quadriaxial fiberglass and vinylester resin. The perfect joint between the hull and deck was achieved through a sealant Crestomer 1152PA which is a high performance urethane acrylate adhesive and then bolted on.

In the cockpit protected by a wraparound windshield there are 2 padded seats with electric lowering with customized high backrests forwards, the right one is that of the driving position, and two others immediately behind and in the rear area of ​​the cockpit on an ergonomic low profile bench reinforced with ample space for the legs 3 more padded seats so the boat can accommodate up to 7 passengers on board. On the left side of the cockpit there is a kitchen counter with sink and fridge.

The upholstery of the seats is coordinated with the color of the exterior of the boat with the stitching edges made to perfection. From the paint to the interiors, the boat can be customized according to the owner’s tastes and from a list of options and the choice of numerous hull colors.

The carbon fiber dashboard with color-coordinated glove compartment and frame was also prepared with the technologically advanced control and command systems with the leather and polished steel steering wheel of the Italian specialist company Isotta.

The controls are from Mercury Digital Zero Effort, the Vessel View 703 instrumentation, the multifunction displays are the Garmin 16 “7616, the audio system from JL Marine.

Below deck at the bow there are comfortable V-shaped sofas while the bathroom with shower and sink has been set up under the helm. Forward is also the anchoring system.

Towards the stern in the well ventilated engine compartment covered by two motorized doors, two staggered staggered sterndrive engines with dual calibration of the type Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1350/1550 can be installed. The dual-calibration 1550 sterndrive features an advanced control system that allows you to change the engine power level via an electronic remote control. The Race key fob transforms the engine into a racing machine , delivering 1,550 hp of 112 AKI (112 octane) racing fuel by drawing the required fuel from the right tank. The Pleasure key fob is selected when more leisure ride is needed, creating 1,350 hp with 91 octane fuel (98 RON) by drawing the required fuel from another pair of tanks.Both fuel calibrations provide maximum torque and efficiency and are designed to optimize engine performance at each power level.

Excluding the race mode, the boat already powered by two Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1350/1550 engines running in 1,350 hp mode, with the engines connected to the new aft feet Mercury Racing M8 Drive sterndrives honed in the hydrodynamic profile, the performance is impressive. acceleration is impetuous. The maximum speed obviously depends on the waves, the wind and the skills of the pilot. You can cruise at 80 mph and if conditions are ideal, you can push yourself to 100 mph, but you need to gain some experience to be able to reach the maximum speed allowed with this mode of operation of the engines equal to 120 mph. In calm seas both cruising at 80 mph (129 km / h) and 120 mph (193 km / h) the Fountain 47 blasts across the water with equal confidence and surprising stability.

The Fountain 47 Lightning can also be equipped with 3 engines of 1,350 hp for a total power of 4050 hp and for those who love “less exuberant” performance  through a pair of Mercury Racing 1,100 Competition engines, 9.0 liters of 1,100 hp calibrated for be fueled with 89 octane gasoline (95 RON) easier to find in many refueling basins.

The new 47 Lightning is a cruising offshore with a luxury interior and cockpit, built for those who love speed and for those who want to reach destinations with family and friends through rapid movements with safety and reliability and extend the day on the water enjoying the wonders of the sea or lakes.

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