Donzi 38 ZRC the updated and improved sports version

Donzi 38 ZRC is a famous ultralight, super fast and ultra performing motor boat, back by popular demand, built by Donzi Marine for fans of high performance boats.

The first Donzi 38 ZRC was built almost 20 years ago, as well as being a Donzi offshore winning model with six national championships and four world championships, it has received unanimous critical acclaim since its introduction and is now being re-launched in an updated sports version. much improved thanks to an increasingly advanced technology starting from the construction techniques of the hulls and the new Mercury Racing engines.

Donzi Marine has been in business for 57 years because it is always looking for the best solutions offered by the market to innovate its models.

The new Donzi 38 ZR Competition has been reproduced using the best technology currently on the market in the sector.

Her well-known double-step V-hull with positive lift today was crafted through the most advanced composite processing techniques and is much lighter and stronger.

The shape has been optimized for better recreational use than the racing version and to accommodate the new propulsion options and technologies, while retaining its classic and unmistakable lines.  

The front part of the cockpit of the helm station covered by a fabulous upholstery with two padded and enveloping seats that of the pilot and co-pilot is the most captivating part of this boat.

The two seats are divided by a central support where the control levers of the high-performance engines are installed.

The driving position is enriched with a flat screen display, and new generation dashboard panels finished in carbon with a series of digital / analog indicators, by the specialized company Livorsi Marine, positioned both on the left on the pilot’s position and on the right on the position. co-pilot with a Garmin 8610 screen mounted on the center mount atop the trim switch rows. 

The dashboard also features two new Mercury VesselView 502 and 702 models for engine control and management.

The pilot and co-pilot have to slide into the floor-mounted seats with pads that wrap around the thighs to lock them securely in place, to make the seats as comfortable as possible there are adjustable electrically operated footrests. 

The seats, cockpit and curved double-roof windshields have the ability to generate an unmistakable style.

Slipping into the control seat you feel a strong emotion because you are aware of driving a terribly fast boat with extraordinary performance.

The retractable steering wheel, covered in very attractive and pleasant to the touch black leather built specifically for high performance boats, facilitates access to the seat of the helm station.

Behind the two forward seats with plenty of legroom are another 3 padded bucket seats for passengers with very high and protective backrests. 

The seat upholstery is color-coordinated with the boat’s exterior with perfectly crafted stitching patterns with small storage compartments found under each seat and a pair of compartments found directly behind the rear seats.

The lighting and control system of marine led underwater lighting is Shadow-Caster, a cutting-edge company specialized in the design and production of a complete range of innovative led lighting products for boats or yachts.

The audio system is that of the most important company in the sector, JL Marine. The system installed on this boat is composed of: MediaMaster MM50 source unit; amplifier – 600 Watts, 6 class D Marine channels; speakers – 7.7.2 each, 8.8.2 each; rgb speaker lights.

The distinctive elements that make these boats exclusive is that they are set up with care and precision, everything is meticulously crafted with meticulousness, perfectionism and scrupulousness at the highest levels, without neglecting anything to satisfy the most demanding customers, the one who appreciates the quality of the details. the research of the leathers and fabrics used, the design, the peculiarity of the seams, the contours, the finishes and the solidity of the entire upholstery, but also the practicality and functionality of each single element used.

Boat is 38 feet 1 inch (11.6 m) long and 8 feet 1 inch (2.5 m) wide; Dry weight 11,500 lbs (5,216 kg); Fuel capacity 250 gallons (946 liters); Maximum recommended power 860 × 2 hp.

Donzi 38 ZRC can be pushed through multiple options of Mercury Racing engines among the recommended configurations and extensively tested in water is the one that provides in the engine compartment a pair of staggered engines of the Mercury Racing 860 Competition sterndrive type with M6 drive.

The boat powered by these two engines can reach a maximum speed of 116 mph (187 km / h). For those who are not satisfied, the boat can be powered by a pair of more powerful engines of the same type always from Mercury Racing such as 1075 SCI where 130 mph (209 km / h) are reached.

The Mercury Racing860 Competition engine is a long-lasting 9.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 competition engine. Designed to be powerful, durable and reliable on 89 octane fuel (Rec 90), the 860 Competition features four-valve Mercury Racing aluminum cylinder heads and double overhead cams. It produces its maximum power of 860 horsepower at 6800 rpm.

The M6 ​​transmission features a racing inspired twin pinion gear shaft design. The proven design splits the torque load for increased power capacity while maintaining a slim gearbox shape with surface perforation for maximum efficiency. Forged lower gears, designed to handle the highest torque loads, while an innovative dry sump lubrication system ensures maximum efficiency and power.

Donzi 38 ZRC is a powerful and wonderful sports boat for leisure time, easy to handle that the Iconic Marine group of which Donzi Marine is a part strongly wanted to propose it again for all enthusiasts, making use as always of the collaboration of the best professionals in their respective sectors and today it is one of the most coveted built boats.