Cigarette Racing 42X beauty and performance

Cigarette Racing is the most famous company in the world in the construction of high-performance motor boats for this reason it cannot see others, it must only look forward, propose, innovate, set trends without ever making mistakes.

If a leading company proposes a new model, it is certainly destined to have a great consensus on the market and satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele willing to spend but expecting the best.

Cigarette Racing is the builder destined to build boats starting from already perfect boats observed by all the competition that draw inspiration from the models that a leading company like Cigarette Racing offers.


Such as the Cigarette Racing 42X high performance motor boat, designed by the Cigarette team that is simply wonderful, new, contemporary that stands out for its amazing lines, admired by all fans of the sector.

A boat where beauty, style and elegance and comfort are perfectly integrated with functional and advanced technology.

The materials used and the construction methods are very advanced.

The main feature of this boat is the ingenious use of carbon fiber composites which allow for another reduction in weight and better vibration damping and structural rigidity.

The boat is 41 feet 7 inches (12.70 m) long and 8 feet (2.4 m) wide powered by dual 1,350hp engines can be launched with quick throttle response at three-digit speed in the water calm and still maintain high-speed acceleration in rough water while maintaining exceptional maneuverability.

The engine compartment has been set up with a suitably redesigned hatch to improve ventilation and allow the installation of the most powerful engines of today and those that may be developed in the future.

The completely new design of the V-shaped hull has also been designed to accommodate staggered engines mounted as low as possible at the stern in the engine room and is designed to accommodate increasingly higher power engines.

Another feature is the cockpit, to provide a greater feeling of safety and comfort and to offer greater protection from wind and water on board it has been intentionally designed deeper with a standard type.

With 2 custom bucket seats forward for pilot and co-pilot and back on a low-profile ergonomic bench with a reinforced profile with ample legroom, 3 additional seats for passengers, the boat can therefore comfortably accommodate up to 5 people. The entire cockpit can be completely covered if necessary.

The console is fabulous, functional and comfortable with the stainless steel tilting rudder made according to the latest technologies and ergonomic developments existing today.

The dashboard panels are made of carbon fiber with all controls close together with the control displays that are clearly visible, both during the day without reflections and in the evening thanks to an efficient and versatile and modern lighting system that creates the right ambient atmosphere requested by the customer for the cockpit and for the entire boat. In addition, the entire dashboard is equipped with a Garmin 7612 branded 12-inch high-definition Touch Screen with depth detector and a 5-inch Mercury Marine Vesselview for engine information and diagnostics.

This boat is equipped with a high-end audio system curated by the most famous Company in the industry, JL Audio Marine, which Cigarette relies on for all its boats to meet all customer requests.

 The upholstery of the seats with perfectly made stitching patterns is coordinated with the color of the boat’s exterior and the colors of the hull.

Between the two seats forward there is access below deck where there is space for a comfortable cabin built according to specific needs. The cabin can follow the same style of the boat and create a lively, fresh effervescent or quiet, serene atmosphere in which to relax, in any case it is equipped to extend a day on the water.

From the paint to the interior, the boat can be modeled according to a specific request and customized according to the owner’s tastes and from a list of options and the choice of numerous hull colors.

In addition, it will be possible to decide to equip the boat with a series of configuration of double inboard engines.

The possible configurations include the twin 9.0-liter Mercury Racing 860 engine of 860 hp each; or, you can choose a double Mercury Racing 1100 engine with 1,100 hp each; otherwise twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines of 1,350 hp each for a total power of 2,700 hp; alternatively a double Mercury Racing 1350/1100 Dual Call with power controlled via interchangeable electronic key fobs on the dashboard. Each engine delivers its 1,350hp with 91 octane fuel. Power is reduced to 1,100hp when the remote control activates the circuit with 89 octane fuel. Other types of engines are not excluded.

Cigarette Racing is not a normal company that makes boats, because it has to meet the different needs of customers who are usually not satisfied by the builders of mass motor boats and Cigarette Racing 42X is one of the winning models built by Cigarette to satisfy precisely this type of clientele.

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