Apache 42’Diablo speed, stability and comfort.

Apache Powerboats is one of the most famous American shipyards specialized in the production of exclusive high performance boats.

A shipyard known and appreciated for a niche production, distinguished not only by the exuberant performance of its models, but also by the high quality of their constructions.

They are all very brightly colored boats with hand-painted sides with themed graphics that celebrate an hymn to power and speed with very accurate upholstery  for workmanship, shapes and combination of flashy colors but which on the whole are certainly appreciable. Set up and finished by staff who put passion and professionalism into it, ingredients that have always been essential to create top-of-the-range products.

The main feature of this shipyard is that they manage to build high quality hulls that last more than 30 years despite being used in the toughest conditions. This is because they are built from a unique combination of ballistic grade Kevlar49 and pure 100% carbon fiber with hand laid laminates and vinyl ester resins, which together with manufacturing standards and precise workmanship, have made it possible to build motor boats. high performance offshore that offer the best driving quality in “rough” water conditions.

Now Apache Powerboats builds 2 types of boat ranges one includes several models with seated seats and the other with standing seats. In the range of seated models, the Apache 42 ‘Diablo 42 feet and 3 inches long (12.87 m) is highlighted; 8 feet 2 inches wide, (2.48 m); draft 42 inches. (1.07 m); displacement 11,250 lbs, (5,130 kg); fuel capacity 300 gallons, 3 tanks (1,135.3 l); deadrise 24 °.

The boat has a 5-seat cockpit with 2 staggered engines and a helm station on the center line of the boat. It offers a comfortable and manageable seated ride without compromising speed.

This model has a low profile with less wind resistance is a racing boat transformed from pleasure to maximum comfort with the cockpit area  protected by a wraparound windshield and set up at the highest levels with large attention to detail with drink holder and powerful JL Audio stereo and aluminum handrail.

The flooring is in marine rubber with 2 seats forward and immediately behind other 3 seats with all adjustable seats with ergonomic support of the specialized company Recaro Maritime.

The boat was designed exclusively to go fast, for the hard run enthusiast it is nevertheless not difficult to drive. Dashboard panels are aluminum, anodized, polished and laser engraved with the control elements having white, silver or black front faces.

Towards the stern is the engine compartment with automatic tailgate, where a variety of engine choices can be installed that can push the Diablo at triple-digit speeds if conditions are ideal while the deep-V Kevlar and carbon hull will always guarantee stable, safe and secure driving.

Among the possible configurations we certainly find the pair of the staggered Mercury Racing 1,100 hp  engines that run on 89 octane fuel, which is easily found in many refueling docks, with M8 dry sump transmission.

 M8 is a hydraulic transmission with high levels of torque and power that offers improved handling and exceptional performance. The propellers of the engine are those of the Mercury 5 stainless steel blades specially designed to handle high powers and torques. Digital controls are from Mercury Racing Zero Effort.

Another possible engine configuration that has been positively tested on this boat is one that features a pair of 700hp Mercury Racing engines with M6 dry sump transmission.

Apache 42 ‘Diablo during the week can be used when a race is needed more for leisure or for quick movements, while during the weekend it can devote to offshore racing.

Furthermore, like all Apache Powerboats models, it can be customized to the maximum where the owner can decide to leave the imprint of his own style on every detail and can be modeled according to personal tastes and no one else to create a boat with an exclusive character.

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