MTI RP 48 the stable and safe catamaran at all speeds.

The added value of the American shipyard MTI (Marine Technology Inc.), one of the most famous in the world specialized in the production of exuberant performance boats, is to be attributed to the quality of their constructions in particular to the designs of the hulls linked to the direct sporting experience of the founder of the shipyard Randy Scism, several times offshore world champion, for a long time in charge of the Victory Team, the invincible squadron that has brought so many victories to Dubai, capital of one of the seven United Arab Emirates, in the Offshore Class 1.

MTI uses the experience gained in racing by Randy Scism, and then builds the same models set up in the recreational version, increasing comfort to the maximum.

Currently Marine Technology Inc. produces high performance pleasure boats and catamarans among catamarans one of the most famous models is certainly MTI RP 48.

Let’s say right away that MTI RP 48 is a catamaran-style pleasure boat that retains all the performance of a racing boat with luxury and comfort and technology at the highest levels and customized according to the directives of the buyers.

It has been designed to make navigation simple with incredible straight-line speed and an ability to make fast, smart turns, and still maintain high-speed acceleration in “rough” sea conditions.

MTI RP 48 is a fast commuter with powerful stereo in the cockpit, great attention to detail that has made the most of the new construction technologies, in fact it was made with composite materials, mostly in carbon, using a very advanced post-polymerization process epoxy, with core, vacuum bagged, post cured, with hull and deck joined together.

This manufacturing process makes the boat light, strong and durable with the hull having the lowest possible center of gravity with a V-keel or Vee Bottom, as the Americans call them, designed with a kind of twin keels, similar to a catamaran that makes driving pleasant, comfortable and safe.

The catamaran is 48 feet (14.63 m) long and 11 feet 6 inches (3.53 m) wide; weighs 12,500 lbs, (5,670 kg); fuel capacity 260 gallons, (984 l).

The peculiar feature of this catamaran is its large cockpit which can accommodate 6 or even 8 seats. With the standard type there are 2 enveloping and customized padded seats forward for pilot and co-pilot and behind with ample legroom another 4 padded seats for passengers.

Like every MTI model, the cockpit is equipped with cup holders, convenient storage compartments, large screen electronics, lighting and so on.

The two seats for the pilot and co-pilot are divided by a central support, where the throttle levers and the gearbox knobs are installed separately to allow the pilot and co-pilot to divide up the tasks while navigating with the dashboard made with the most advanced control systems.

This boat for fast boaters has been built for the pleasure of racing, where you  have the choice of either sailing on the water with the cockpit closed with air conditioning or fully open protected only by a beautiful windshield that covers all the occupants.

The entire cockpit of the helm station is covered with a fabulous color-coordinated upholstery together with the seats with the usually very bright ones of the boat with customized airbrushed sides.

The MTI Rp 48 can be powered by a wide range of durable and reliable Mercury Racing engine packages all capable of propelling the boat, weather / sea conditions permitting, with prompt acceleration at three-digit speed.

Among the configurations successfully tested, we find two unrivaled Mercury Racing QC4V1350 / 1550 sterndrive engines with M8 transmission with 5-blade propellers, which develop a power of 1,350hp each with the normal 91 octane petrol and that can reach the power of 1,550hp each. using racing fuel.

The total power therefore varies between 2,700 and 3,100 hp which make the MTI RP 48 a real rocket on the sea.

In this regard Randy Scism, owner and founder of MTI has released the following statement:

“I think there are two reasons why the 48 was so successful. First, it offered our existing customers a way to level up. Secondly, our timing was great with Mercury Racing 1350 engines coming out around the same time. It’s a great platform for great power ”. 

For lovers of more exuberant performance, the possibility of installing an engine package consisting of two Mercury 1750 sterndrives is not excluded, making the MTI Rp 48 a hyper-fast boat, according to the manufacturer, stable and safe at all speeds. Each engine produces an astounding 1,750 hp the most powerful engine ever produced by Mercury Racing delivering massive torque for unmatched acceleration and top speeds.