Mercury Marine’s Next Gen Digital Throttle & Shift performance, reliability and comfortable navigation.

SmartCraft is a whole range of digital technologies, fully integrated and fully coordinated with each other. A single comprehensive package consisting of a suite of instruments, sensors, navigation systems and functions with a high level of control designed to enhance the navigation experience for those using Mercury Marine engines.


They are part of this range:


The best display for viewing engine information. It combines all the functions of the boat, presented in a clear, direct, sunlight readable and color screen.


The affordable, reliable and high quality digital navigation control system allows you to select and view three different data at once.

SC1000 / SC100.

The most advanced tool in the industry, offering all essential information about the boat in simple, descriptive and easily understandable language.

Active Trim

It is an engine trim adjustment system that automatically increases or decreases the angle of the engines to simplify operation and improve performance, reduce fuel costs and make the navigation experience more comfortable, all at the push of a single button.  With Active Trim, novice boaters and experienced sailors can achieve the ideal trim without needing to continuously monitor and adjust it.


Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS)

It is a system that ensures precise maneuverability guaranteeing instant response and total control without any hesitation, it represents the sign of smooth and precise shifting and a lightning-fast throttle response and thanks to perfect integration with SmartCraft performance, reliability and navigation are guaranteed comfortable. 

They are integrated with the SmartCraft system, the way the Joystick works to improve operations and maneuvers in confined spaces to allow you to dock in total safety in any situation that occurs with zero stress and without worrying about wind or current.


Other features are also integrated with the SmartCraf system  such as the Skyhook anchor, (again electronic) which allows the navigator to lock the position and direction of the boat.

Drifthook, which allows the navigator to lock the boat’s course and move at the same time.

Heading Adjust, which allows the navigator to adjust the course, while the boat is engaged in Skyhook or Drifthook, in 1 and 10 degree increments.

Bowhook, which allows the navigator to lock the boat’s position while allowing the course to swing with wind and / or water currents.  

With the passage of time, all this technology is increasingly updated and deepened.

In February of this year 2021 Mercury Marine demonstrated its next-generation Digital Throttle and Shift System (DTS) with integrated, intuitive and intelligent technology that enhances the navigation experience.

The Next Gen DTS system comes with all the successful features of the DTS system already launched by Mercury in 2004, including ready acceleration and full integration with SmartCraft digital technologies.  

The Next Gen DTS system represents an important step in the evolution of the product, thanks to another development of the operating system and a further improved ergonomic design of electronic remote controls (ERC) and additional user-friendly features. Therefore this new control system replaces the previous one for use on all Mercury DTS compatible sterndrive, inboard, diesel and outboard engines.

The Next Gen DTS will be supplied as standard for the entire range of Verado engines, including the brand new Verado V12 600hp, the most powerful and versatile engine now built in the world, to improve the handling of boats at all revs and facilitate maneuvering in near the mooring.

 The Next Gen DTS uses a robust operating system in addition to guaranteeing basic functions, it has also had an update to intelligently and automatically improve the throttle control for systems connected with SmartCraft, such as Joystick Piloting and Skyhook .

 “When we were developing the Next Gen DTS, we aimed to improve the navigation experience through an intuitive design and easier access to those features that boaters use most often,” said Tyler Mehrl, Category Manager for Steering and Controls at Mercury. .

Among the improvements made are the Active Trim activation and adjustment buttons which are now integrated on the panel of the Next Gen DTS, therefore the additional control panel on the dashboard is no longer necessary. Active Trim automatically and continuously adjusts the trim of the engine according to changes in speed.

The new range of ERC electronic remote controls offers solutions for boats with configuration up to 6 engines. In case of single installation, the remote controls are available for both console and panel mounting.

In the case of multi-engine configurations, boaters can choose between the standard console-mounted two-lever remote control and the Premium two-lever remote control featuring an innovative digital display, integrated into the control panel. The display provides a wide variety of information to help the boat owner remain fully connected to the propulsion system during all phases of the boat’s operation.

Each remote features the same sleek chrome over black aesthetic and dynamic styling in line with the current “Mercury DNA” drive system overseen by Todd Dannenberg, Mercury’s Director of Industrial Design.

“The ergonomics provide a very natural connection that invites the boat owner to push on the throttle lever and experience the power of the engine. Then there are new intuitive functions that improve the navigation experience that we have tested through intense test sessions, ”said Dannenberg.

Additional features include a green light on the throttle lever (s) that allows you to quickly determine the gear position, a convenient throttle only function to start and warm up the engine (s), a large start / stop button and a generously sized trim switch.

Remote controls for multi-engine installations have a start / stop button to start / stop all engines simultaneously and a start / stop button to start and stop each engine individually, as well as the ability to trim all engines, or in once only or for each single motor separately.

Boats equipped with the Mercury Single Outboard Electric Steering system have a Quick Steer button on the single lever remote control.

Quick Steer  – an industry first – improves maneuverability at low speed and with a limited steering angle This setting provides full steering angle with just a quarter turn of the steering wheel, left or right. Greater steering mastery facilitates the process of maneuvering and mooring in confined spaces.

“We’ve packed an incredible number of features designed to enhance the driving experience with both single-engine and multi-engine boats,” said Mehrl. “The intuitive design ensures that the learning curve is extremely fast, so you can enjoy the huge performance advantage.”

The next generation Digital Throttle & Shift system will be available in the EMEA markets starting in the third quarter of 2021.