Cigarette 38 ‘Top Gun the evolution of a successful model.

Cigarette 38 ‘Top Gun is an extraordinarily fast boat built by Cigarette Racing for fans of high performance boats.

The first model was built more than 30 years ago and still today obviously with updated versions it represents one of the flagship boats for the company.

It is a boat with a timeless beauty that will never go out of style and every detail has been designed both inside and out to improve, durability and reliability to keep the boat for a long time.

Driveability, efficiency and performance are the main characteristics of this boat, always built with advanced technology that with the passage of time is increasingly updated and deepened starting from the processing techniques in the treatment of lightweight reinforced composites.


The design of the V-shaped hull with its unmistakable lines has remained the classic one but today it is built much lighter and more resistant and painted with improved colors to withstand more and more the harsh marine environment.

The new Top Gun is 37 feet 6 inches (11.46m) long and 8 feet (2.4m) wide, weighs only 9,900lbs (4,490kg), fuel capacity 224 gallons (848L) is designed to work in harmony with Mercury Racing’s finest sterndrive engines.

To make driving even easier, the helm station has been appropriately modernized with a rudder made according to the latest technologies and ergonomic developments existing today, while the layout has basically remained the classic one with the first two forward adjustable seats with large padding that of the driver and companion and immediately behind with plenty of legroom there are three more seats for passengers.


The upholstery of the seats is coordinated with the color of the exterior of the boat with logos and stitching motifs made with meticulousness and perfectionism at the highest level. The entire cockpit of the control station is protected by a special windshield that helps to easily cut the air, eliminating any resistance to the forward movement of the boat.


The 38 ′ Top Gun has an easy, comfortable and efficient ride even at high speeds and in tight turns thanks also to a modern digital technology installed on board fully integrated consisting of a series of instruments, sensors, navigation systems and functions with a high level of control designed to improve the browsing experience. Such as Mercury Marine’s next-generation Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) digital throttle and shift system, compatible with all Mercury engines, which ensures instant response and total control and is the hallmark of smooth and precise shifting where they are. guaranteed performance, reliability and comfortable navigation.


This system has been installed on the new 38 ‘Top Gun supported by carbon fiber dashboards and gauge clusters with Garmin 7608 8-inch high definition touch screen and LED digital trim tab and driving indicator for precise driving and effortlessly, while the engines are controlled by a new Mercury Marine VesselView 903 user interface with 9-inch display.

Between the two seats forward is a door with access to a cozy full cabin which is very useful for taking a break below deck. A skylight ventilates and illuminates the furnished cabin with seating, wanting to easily convert into beds, with composite storage cabinet, custom built double compartment refrigerator with Cigarette logo, dynamic LED lighting, carbon fiber electrical panel with power supply 12v and a hydraulic cabin door with integrated steps for easy access and more.

Even the in

teriors are coordinated with the colors of the exteriors, we wanted to create an atmosphere of great luxury, where the stitching and the contours of the entire upholstery stand out, all made with perfectionism and scrupulousness to satisfy the most demanding navigators who appreciate the quality of the details. 

A premium JL audio system with Bluetooth integration and Garmin interface was mounted on the boat.

 JL Audio Marine is the leading company in the sector and Cigarette relies on satisfying an increasingly demanding clientele with increasingly pressing demands on the system to be installed on board which must ensure a level audio quality for all environments in any condition and capable to withstand the rigors of a marine environment over time.

An advanced malt LED lighting system has been installed on the boat which offers very customizable and flexible comfortable lighting. The plant was built using quality materials that can withstand saltiness, humidity, water and extreme temperatures.

Aft in the well-ventilated engine compartment covered by a motorized tailgate, two reliable twin fuel engines with 89 octane Mercury Racing 565 hp sterndrive can be installed with a total power of just “1,130” hp the boat reaches a speed in excess of 80mph (129 km / h) always maintaining absolute stability and safety without a drop of water entering the deck with all passengers, including the driver, always dry.