By now it is clear to all those who want to build a high performance boat both sailing and engines must necessarily turn to a shipyard specialized in the most recent construction techniques of advanced composite carbon materials. These lightweight, versatile and sturdy composites over the years as knowledge deepens, have become the ideal materials for fast hull construction.

Not only did they make a decisive contribution to the construction of projects that otherwise were destined to remain only on paper, such as the DynaRig rig used on the famous Falcon Maltese sailing ship and then on Black Pearl where the three rotating shafts were made with composites of their own carbon fiber .

A company that is always attentive to the innovations and needs of the customer who, from the first moment, has used advanced carbon composites for the realization of its performing yachts, becoming a leading manufacturer in the sector, certainly Baltic Yachts, which has been producing unique award-winning yachts for years. luxury cruise passengers as well as successful racing. With Baltic 67 he has created a new Performance Cruiser that can be modeled according to the owner’s personal tastes by offering different accommodation layouts and deck options. The yacht was designed by Judel / Vrolijk & Co. for exterior and naval architecture while the interior design was signed by the British design studio Unlimited.

The yacht is 20.52 meters long, 5.45 meters wide and weighs just 21 tons, of which 9 are ballast. The yacht makes use of all the experience gained by the Company in 44 years of activity building over 550 yachts of all types. Furthermore, Baltic Yachts, in addition to its recognized and perfected construction qualities, is characterized by its innovative ability to make its yachts easy to drive, safe and efficient.

The company’s proven and consolidated innovations include the use of the electric motor for auxiliary propulsion, the retractable propulsion system, the sensitive rudder, the dynamic stability system.

The Baltic 67 is a fast, light, sturdy and easy to handle cruising yacht, easy to drive even with a small crew built with the most advanced carbon fiber infusion systems. It has been designed for both long-distance cruises and short excursions and for those who want to participate effectively in competitive events.

The peculiar characteristic of this yacht is that it can be completely customized thanks to the great flexibility in the design that foresees fixed the shape of the hull, different types of deck so as to allow the customer to better follow their tastes and their sailing aspirations. Even for the interiors, customers have the opportunity to personalize according to their needs and preferences and if the customer is a highly experienced navigator, he can make the boat of his dreams come true. As it was in the case of the former, the Baltic 67 launched in June 2018 named Manyeleti where the experienced sailor owner gave many directives.

However the yard provides its solutions starting from the deck that the customer can choose between two types of layout that briefly differ because one has an open transom which, although it is a non-usual choice for long cruises, offers easy access to the platform and the hold of the dinghy under deck to live the boat and the holiday in direct contact with the sea.

The other version instead has a closed transom with protection in the latter provided by a raised aft deck area to meet the side decks. In addition to additional protection, this version also provides another seating area. Both layouts have dual wheel steering stations and the main access to the stowage of the boat through the opening transom.

However, other changes regarding the design of the pilot air, the style of the transom, the details of the superstructure window, the arrangement of the berth and other anchorages can be taken into consideration depending on the customer’s aspirations.

The hull has ample stowage space throughout the Baltic 67 plus it is a very quiet and relaxing boat even when you are forced to use a non-sail propulsion thanks to a low noise and emission 150 hp engine.

Another key feature of this yacht is to ensure a comfortable, stable and fast sailing especially in weak wind conditions to prevail in the typical ocean crossings.

As if this were not enough, you can choose a fixed or lifting keel that can reduce the draft from 3.9 to just 2.5 m.

For the interiors you can decide to opt for a layout with three or four cabins with the owner’s cabin at the bow, a galley and aft cabin and a large main saloon with living area in the center of the boat. The kitchen can be used in any condition because it is equipped with adequate ventilation, lighting and natural light.

To concentrate almost all the weights in the center of the boat here you can set up the other two cabins, or just a larger one with a wardrobe, to make the boat softer in the sea and effective in competitive events without having to switch to a racing condition.

Always for the interior there is the possibility to choose between two different styles proposed by the yard a classic called Yacht Styling and the other Apartment Style certainly more modern style.

In this regard, Mark Tucker of Design Unlimited explained: “The semi-custom platform offers customers the opportunity to customize interiors to suit their tastes and needs with a complete range of options for finishes and stylistic choices , starting from woods and fabrics ”.

Following are some interesting comments released on the boat by the owner of Manyeleti, the Swedish Erik Lindgren who, besides being a highly experienced navigator, has already owned other boats of the same yard:

   “It is very different to design and build your own boat – in my case using almost 30 years of offshore sailing experience”

“I spent a lot of time on the World ARC boats … it’s the details that make life on board easier. This is a technical boat, but it is less dependent on the systems of our old Baltic 56. On the other hand it is nice to have air conditioning and a lifting keel. “

“Bluewater boats do not usually sail 10-15 knots downwind – and we have had many,” emphasizes Lindgren, referring to their previous Pacific crossing. “At 150º, this boat sails at 8-9 knots, which is a big difference. As long as you have more than 8 knots, you move correctly in the water, “he explains. “Below this you’re in the wave and you don’t have control.”

After the mega sailing yachts built by the yard as Baltic 115 Nikata, the Baltic 130 My Song and the Baltic 175 Pink Gin VI the largest sloop in the world, with Baltic 67 The Finnish yard Baltic Yachts returns to a “smaller” size where it boasts a great experience and that already in the past has achieved excellent results by building luxurious cruising sailboats that were highlighted for their performance by winning numerous regattas, so we just have to wait for confirmation of yet another success for this new Performance Cruiser.


Main technical features:

Length 25.52 m
Maximum beam 5.45 m
Draft 3.90 m
Displacement 24,400 kg

Ballast 9,000kg
Surface   sail   upwind 257 sqm
Surface   sail to the carriers 530 mq
Project   and terns and hull Judel / Vrolijk & Co
Project   interns Design Unlimited

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