STRIDER 13 imposing SACS inflatable boat

The Strider 13 is an impressive 13.35 meter long inflatable boat constructed by SACS, one of the world’s most renowned companies for the production of rigid large rigid inflatable rubber boats called RIB or rigid-hulled inflatable boats. This type of configuration in addition to retaining all the advantages associated with the presence of rubber tubes such as stability and the utter omission, allows to lay undercover, cabins and comfortable environments such as luxury yachts.

The Strider 13 is a gigantic special dinghy where greatness and power are perfectly integrated.

Built for those who love to enjoy the sea in the company of many friends always in contact with water. Unlike other larger RIBs built by the same SACS where the interior is highly developed, the underbody design of this inflatable boat is reduced to the essentials with the presence of a cabin and a bathroom.

With low weights and low center of gravity, V-high performance hulls, this RIB has an outstanding seasiness and stability that makes it really special.It is still very large, but it is easy to maneuver and drive

The deck is enormously cleverly divided and set up to enjoy all the marvels of the sea, both in navigation and when it is stationary.

On the stern sundeck can sleep up to 4 people and the presence of a large platform allows easy access to water. The entire bow deck is covered with large teak slats on which to lay mattress pads. There are at least 8 people in the cockpit sofas who can dine around an extensible tech table.

An awning with an easily removable cover repairs from the most intense sun of the day the whole living area and part of the aft sunbath. In the cockpit there is space for a kitchen cabinet that includes a fridge, sink and fires to prepare something to eat. Below the cockpit there is a large stand with accessibility from different doors. All the outside areas of the boat are easily accessible through wide side passes around the deck.

Underneath the Hard Top is the control station with two secure ergonomic armrests complete with side shingles and head resting with a powerful console with all controls and control equipment. The construction of the boat was accomplished through technologically advanced materials such as multiaxial fabrics and vacuum resin infusion to create a light and durable solid product.

The RIB propulsion is open to various solutions and can be achieved through diesel or gasoline engines with outboard or sterndrive versions. For an off-road version, proper propulsion is achieved through two Mercury 8.2 HO MAG DTS 8-cylinder V engines capable of delivering 430 hp each. The engine compartment bulkheads are lined with sound absorbing material to reduce noise. To spin on the water and gain greater reliability of the propulsion system, the vehicle utilizes racing tactics.

From widespread rendering on Strider 13 tests with this configuration, it is found that planar already starts at 13 knots; at 2900 rpm the speed is 25 knots, while always very soft on waves at 3400 rpm the speed reaches 30 knots.

Usually for all other types of cruises the cruising speed stabilizes around 25 knots for the RIBs, but cruising speed is closer to the 35 knots while always maintaining exceptional comfort.

With a cruising speed of 35 knots this super tire advances 0.37 miles with a consumption of about one liter of fuel. The boat’s advanced comfort remains constant at speeds of up to 38 knots at 4000 rpm even with very fast turning speeds.

The boat’s driveability is unique and the water pipes and tubes themselves are designed so that the splash of the trail goes away without any recoil so that the entire inflatable boat even on the sundeck will remain dry during the navigation.

Given the gas and acting on the trim, all V-hulls get up, only the central part touches the water and comes to touch a maximum speed of 44 knots. Certainly, if you modify the design of the exterior area of ​​the raft, removing for example Hard top we would have a big improvement for aerodynamics and lightness. So there would be a considerable increase in speed.

As mentioned above, there are other RIBs in the SACS series which undoubtedly have a great indoor habitability, where there are luxuriously appointed cabins, bathrooms, kitchens and dinette, the same type of interior as we usually find in luxury yachts. All this usability will always have to keep track of it, so if it’s used, it will always be otherwise we will have a useless weight gain on the whole boat. While often, in fact, on holiday what we really need is the large outdoor areas for sunbathing, sailing comfortably in the company, and staying constantly in contact with the sea, so a light and agile means that allows fast and safe travel such as the Strider 13, a truly unique pneumatic vehicle.

Technical features

  Length FT: 13.35 mt
Approval length: 11.98 mt
Overall width: 3.83 mt
Tubular width deflated: 3.00 mt
Draft: 0.80 mt
Number of compartments: 8
Tubular diameter: 68 cm
Dry weight without motors: 5.2 tons
Weight with standard engines: 6.5 tons
Fuel tank capacity: 1000 lt
Water tank capacity: 170 lt
Maximum installed power: 772 kW / 823 kW (EFB)
Certification Category: CE – B
Person carrying capacity: 16
Sleeps: 2 + 2 Opt
Project: SACS
Design: Christian Grande

Available Motorizations:
Package 2 x 350 hp
Package 3 x 300 hp

Package 3 x 350 hp

2 x Mercury 8.2 HO MAG DTS – 430 hp Bravo Three X
2 x Mercury Diesel TDI 4.2 V8 – 370 hp Diesel – Bravo Three XR


New Jolly Prince 38 cc safe and fast tender

We immediately say that the New Jolly Prince 38 cc is a high performance tender with high safety standards.

The hull is 11.30 meters long and 3.80 meters wide, slim with sporty style and like all Prince racing boats, it is built with multiaxial fabrics that provide high impact resistance to impact while the outer layers are laminated with vinyl ester resin which provide good resistance to corrosion and water absorption.


The boat is very stable with a very pronounced V hull to ensure perfect navigation and no rolling effect due to huge tubulars that stabilize the entire boat.

The hull cover is characterized by two living areas, one on the bow and the other on the stern, easily convertible into two sunbathing areas.

On the bow next to the V-shaped sofas, there is another very comfortable chair sitting in the same direction of navigation as it is to be caressed by the sea breeze.

Stern living features a retractable table operated by an electro-hydraulic system surrounded by complete backrest sofas that delimit the cockpit making the entire safe area sailing even with the presence on board of children.

Moreover, the entire area can be repaired by a parasol awning. In the blanket there is also place for a kitchen cabinet to prepare for eating with fires or plate with fridge and sink.

The control console has a large control panel in which the most refined engine and fuel control systems can be loaded. On request, the control console can be covered with a light t-top. In the under deck cabin there are two sofas that with an additional padded floor can be turned into a comfortable queen bed useful for overnight stays during longer hikes. The cabin is ventilated by two opening doors and there is also a marine toilet.

The open area of ​​the inflatable has a huge space and is approved for boarding 18 people. Only the inflatable boat costs about 115,000 euros without tax then you have to buy the engines.

The tender  can be powered by two Verado Mercury Marine engines of 400 hp each or with the lighter version, say, with two Verado Mercury Marine engines of 300 hp each but no other solutions are always excluded with a maximum overall power of 800 hp. With this second version, the top speed runs around 45 knots and the tender starts to plan at 11 knots at 2,200 rpm. Another peculiarity is that the engines are installed through the right support on the extreme aft mirror to use the same hull when it comes to the sterndrive version. With this solution the noise of the engines at the pilot station is very low.

With a speed of navigation to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, you need to adjust trim through the trim, this tender  has the option of inserting the trim automatically so that the speed is fixed, the boat trim is adjusted automatically .

To finish some consumer considerations with a cruising speed of 20 knots, they consume about 20 liters per hour for each engine. Obviously, if you want to navigate at a higher speed, consumption tends to rise.

Main technical characteristics

Lenght overall 11,30 m; Beam 3.80 m

Dry displacement 3,2 t; Tubes diameter 69 cm

Fuel capacity 700 lt; Egin (max) 2×400 hp

Persons on Board 18 ; Boat design categoryCE  B


Selva GT 342 the little big luxury tender.

The Selva GT 342 luxury tender is stable and pretty fast, very useful to enrich the tours of the owners of large yachts but not solo.Un perfect dinghy for tender for soatare directly on the beach  or to land where the yacht can not or just to stay in closer contact with nature and with water, both the sea and the lakes.

  The boat is only 131,89 in (inch) long and 68,11 in wide and was built  with large tubular 16.92 in

La comfortable capacity of 4 seats including that of the console, but you can carry up to a maximum of five people.
There is also space for three peaks distributed over the entire length of the tender.

  The interior length is 105,12 in, while the interior space is just 32,68 in wide and has been suitably shaped to facilitate the embarkation and disembarkation of persons on board. The main feature of this inflatable boat is the presence of very fiberglass used for the construction

 In fact, completely built in fiberglass hull provides greater robustness and high hydrodynamic efficiency with the ability to for soatare directly on the beach without concern, of course, where you can, without agonize scraping of pebbles.
E ‘of fiberglass not only the hull, but also the support of the cleat of the bow and, above all, the aft arc that joins the cockpit of the outboard to the structure of the stern sofa.

 For the operation of this boat you have been chosen to use an outboard motor of 40 hp Selva Aruana made with this power to support even the water-skiers.
In fact the engine is produced by Yamaha, even if the support and warranty is guaranteed by the Selva through a convenient trade agreement both of the two companies for both the customer. In fact, it is expected for those who buy from Selva is the boat is the engine, a very competitive price compared to other rafts of the same type.

There is also the possibility to power the boat through an engine Selva Kingfish 25 hp. We say that this solution is also the most recommended not only because most economically advantageous but especially for those who have a great experience in governing great power rafts as the solution offered for the 40 hp.
  Small boats and powerful must lead them politely during the speed variations as to the moderate size immediately respond to commands so you have to have the ability and the time to trim, rudder and engine gas.

If you set a cruising speed of around 17 knots the boat enables a very stable sail in total comfort whether you are traveling alone or fully loaded. The situation does not change even in turns for the hull and the big tubulars boat.

   You can still navigate with ever higher speeds in full security and stability. With an engine of 40 hp the top speed reaches about 27 knots at 5,500 rpm.
For those who want to have a small boat, graceful and powerful Selva GT 342 is a viable solution for the quality of the materials used for its construction, but especially for the price. In fact, for those who choose the Selva GT 342 dinghy with engine 40hp, the total price is EUR 13,630, while the one with the engine 25 hp the price is 12,480 euro.


The Joker Boats is one of the largest companies in the world in the construction of tender. Its activity lasts for 45 years because it always fails, to realize the advanced models using more technology and more advanced construction methods possible.

In the last event of the French Yachting Festival 2016 Cannes The Joker Boats put on the market its latest creation Boats Joker Clubman 35, a mega fast, sport boat, elegant, easy to handle and robust on the size 10,95 meters long and 3, 60 meters wide, but above all safe thanks to the enormous buoyancy guaranteed by a deep hull that can be adapted to all sea conditions.

To build the entire hull and superstructure is a large part of the technique was used in vacuum infusion of resin.

This technique allows to substantially enhance the mechanical quality of the hulls, because it increases the strength, lightness and flexibility. This made it possible to approve this boat with two 400 hp outboard engines, but it is already planned, as is the company’s tradition, the board, always with a maximum power of 800 hp.

The size of the boat allows you to use it both for the near and long trips for a day at the beach or for long holidays with overnight aboard.

In fact, under the helm station is a cabin with a bed for two, with separate bathroom, with windows overlooking the water on both sides of the cabin ensuring good brightness.

At the bow there a padding sunbathing area and through convenient handrails we can easily reach the steering console.


His book also allows you to have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen while the stern develops the living area with a comfortable sofa with a space in the center which if necessary can be filled with a useful teak table electrically operated or with an extra pillow so that the whole becomes a comfortable living sun.


Part of the back of the sofa opens and leads us into a wealthy area for bathroom with swim platforms that facilitate access to water with locker underneath and cockpit shower.